Aleesha's Promotion - tall - Upload Season 3 Episode 1
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Nathan and Nora are on their way to see Kapoor, the dowload doctor about his nosebleeds.

Aleesha is headed on a business thing with Lucy. She notices that Nora is on her way to San Francisco.

But Nora is lying to her about where she is even though she can see the Find your friend app.

Luke sees that new initiatives are saying that UPload services for veterans will be revoked.

The AIs have gotten more independent and human-like. When Ingrid and Nathan check out a new version of the first floor, Nathan's new angel restores a different version of him when he goes offline.

Luke is determined to find new ways for funding his upload lifestyle by the end of the night.

Aleesha gives some ideas at the mostly male and misognistic Lakeview club.

Aleesha meets Irina there who is impressed by her ideas, particularly about expanding the demographics.

Nora tells Dr. Kapoor about Nathan being a download. And he gives Nathan meds to take and tells him to reupload if things get worse and never come back to him again.

Luke starts working in the underground call center that lures people into Uploading for food.

Copy Nathan and Ingrid are trapped in one of the original versions of Lakeview that was flawed.

Nathan brings Nora to his old college buddy and ex girlfriend Holden's house. Things are awkward.

They update Holden about Freeyond. She wants to start a class action suit against Freeyond.

Choak is angry when he gets locked out of teh AR meetings of the secret billionaire meeting

Copy Nathan confides in one of the last inhabitants there who sucks his life force becaue he's lonely down there.

Ingrid wakes up and saves Copy Nathan from them.

Ingrid and Nathan return just as his new angel is trying to upload a new version of him.

Aleesha and Karina had a hot night together.

Luke notices a wanted poster for the Horizen AI guy that would pay well.


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Upload Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Cheese is for closers.


Oh, I see you have a medical degree from the University of TikTok.

Dr. Kapoor