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Luke gets the idea of luring the AI Guy to the gray zone when he bumps into him. So Luke takes him to the Gray Zone.

Aleesha calls to update him Luke on what she's been doing and has to rush off the phone when AI Guy starts talking.

Holden's dog gets into Nathan's pills and ingests some, so they rush him to the vet and Nora is worried about Nathan's head blowing up without them.

Luke calls Nathan to tell him that he got in trouble with some gansters in the Gray Zonen when he tried to sell the AI Guy to them, but he heard what they had planned for the AI Guy and decided to change it.

Backup Nathan pops into the call, and he's shocked to see himself. Ingrid disappears to avoid telling Backup Nathan.

Nora gets into the system to see Backup Nathan.

Lucy and Karina call Aleesha into the office to help them talk the AI guy threw wandering in the real world. They've downloaded them into it. It's mostly diasterous.

Nora tells Backup Nathan about some of what's going on and there being a coy and he's a bit jealous that she's with some version of him.

Ingrid sees them talking and gets jealous. She proclaims to be on a tech cleans ane thinks that he's betrayed her. She reaches out to a friend to hang out.

Nate meets Backup Nate. And they are entertained by one another. They set out to save Luke while Nora intends to get more pills for Nathan.

Holden tells Nora that the doctor gave Nathan Gas-X

The Nathans head to the Sex and cheese Shop in the Gray zone to save Luke and Backup Nathan seemingly gives up Nathan to the bad guys in exchange for Luke.

Nora goes to check on Dr. Kapoor, but there is a woman and a man there ewho are pretending as if they have lived there the whole time.

Ingrid returns to Lakeview after butting heads iwth her supposed friend and feels like she's at home there.

Strange men, including the one at Kapoor's house, follow Nora and trap her in an alley.

The Nathans pulled a switcheroo and saved Luke.

They trap Nora in the alley and she wakes up in Lakeview as an upload.




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What happened to theme songs? You know? I used to love those things!


Two Nathans, one Nora, never fantasized about this before.