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The battle commences with lots of blood and death. The Vikings are winning and Aethelwulf orders his army to retreat. 

Aethelwulf tells his father that they must leave. Ecbert refuses to leave and renounces the crown to Aethelwulf.

Aethelwulf and his family leave and Ecbert stays behind. The Vikings descend up Wessex and discover it's abandoned. Bjorn orders them to spare Ecbert. 

The girl Helga adopted stabs her and the stabs herself. Floki arrives in time to hold Helga as she dies. 

The brothers discuss what to do with Ecbert. Ivar wants to blood eagle him like Aelle. Bjorn and Ubbe want to farm land there, like Ragnar wanted. 

Ecbert offers them land as king, though they don't know he's no longer king. 

Bjorn accepts his offer. Ecbert asks to choose the manner of his own death. He chooses to kill himself. 

Bjorn wants to go back to the Mediterranean. Ivar wants to lead the army and continue to raid other lands. The other brothers plan to stay behind and farm. 

Ivar and Sigurd argue and Ivar throws an ax at him, killing him in front of everyone. 

Bishop Heahmund presides over a funeral, and then sleeps with the widow. 







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Vikings Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

You are not like anybody else. Be yourself, Floki. This world, it is too small for you.


Ivar: My opinion is that we should take the land. But I have one condition, that Ecbert dies, and that I Blood Eagle him. Otherwise, there is no deal.
Bjorn: You wouldn't be able to stand up long enough to Blood Eagle him.
Ivar: I imagine me sitting.