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Bjorn married Gunnhild much to Harald's dismay. He imagines himself in Bjorn's place. 

Hvitserk arrives freezing at his destination and is told to strip his clothes before being taken to Olaf. Hvitserk thinks he's Buddha.

ivar questions why Thora is against him. She says Ragnar never forced people to worship him and they were free in his time. Ivar tells her she can go, but his men follow her. She watches her family be burned alive, and the same is done to her. 

Hvitserk asks Olaf to overthrow Ivar. 

Judith discovers Lagertha has been being taken care of by an old woman. She is disturbed. She imagines Ragnar's death.

Hvitserk is tied up and tortured. He asks if he has changed his mind about turning on Ivar, but he has not. 

Freydis has a baby boy, but he has a deformity. 

Ubbe attempts to negotiate with the Danish army rather than going to battle. 

Judith tells Lagertha that she has a lump in her breast and believes she will die from it. 

Two out of the three kings agree to negotiate with Ubbe, but the third, Frodo, wants to continue the raid. Ubbe challenges him to a single combat. 

Olaf agrees to join Hvitserk and attack Ivar. 

Ivar leaves his baby outside to die. 

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Harald: I thought you wanted to be queen of Norway?
Gunnhild: Yes, but I never said who I wanted to be king.

Bjorn: Envy I understand, but it doesn't stop us working together, or trusting each other, does it?
Harald: Of course not. There are far greater things at stake than just a woman.
Bjorn: Ah, but she is not just a woman though, is she?