Vikings Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Baldur

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Lagertha's back!

She's been holed up in Wessex being taken care of by an old lady this whole time!

She appeared to be having a mental breakdown of some sorts, but now that Judith has found her on Vikings Season 5 Episode 18, she'll be back to her old self in no time. 

Judith - Vikings Season 5 Episode 18

It was surprising to learn that Judith may be dying of breast cancer, but it does explain her behavior recently. She was in such a hurry to find Alfred a wife and for him to produce an heir. She's also been furiously protecting him and even killed Aethelred out of concern for him. 

She believes she won't be around much longer to continue protecting him, and had to do what was necessary to make sure he would thrive after she is gone. 

It all makes so much more sense now. 

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I like that she and Lagertha are developing a friendship. If Lagertha ends up staying in Wessex, she could potentially take Judith's place as the matriarch and advise Alfred. She's been a queen before, so it's not like she doesn't have the experience. 

But, she knows of Bjorn's mission to take back Kattegat, and if he is successful, it's hard to believe she wouldn't return home. 

Stern Alfred - Vikings Season 5 Episode 18

As hard as it was to re-watch Ragnar's death, it was still great to see him again. It reminded me how much I miss him, but even though he's been gone a while, his presence is still felt. Life has gone on without him, but he still has a huge influence over those he left behind. 

His name alone allows his sons to get just about anyone to listen to them. Ubbe and Hvitserk both used that to their advantage. 

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Ubbe and Torvi are great negotiators, and they make a good team. They convinced two out of three kings to stand down, but unfortunately one is feeling too ambitious to turn around and go home. 

Ubbe has challenged him to a single combat, and I'm pretty curious to see that play out. I imagine Ubbe will win and Alfred will praise him for saving them all the trouble of going to battle. 

Torvi made a point of fighting and potentially dying by his side, so I wonder if she will insist on joining the fight somehow, or even in place of Ubbe. I would love to watch her bring that guy down. 

Sometimes it's sensible to make deals when you have long term goals to achieve. Perhaps women understand that more than men. Men just go and fight and kill each other and only afterwards realize they didn't need to. There were better alternatives.


Torvi is pretty badass, but she is often overshadowed by the Lothbrok brothers and Lagertha. Let's give her a chance to shine. 

Torvi - Vikings Season 5 Episode 18

It's time for someone to take Ivar down. He's a monster, and it's sickening how much pleasure he takes in having innocent people murdered. After watching that poor girl and her family be burned alive, I'm done with him. He needs to be attacked from all angles and be given a taste of his own medicine. 

I am ready for Bjorn and Harald to show up with their army, as well as Hvitserk with Olaf's. Ivar won't stand a chance. 

The baby has finally arrived, and it turns out he's also deformed. It makes me wonder if this will make Ivar reconsider the ridiculous notion that he is a god. 

He believed his baby would be divine, and he's not, so where does that leave him? 

You are not divine. You remind me of myself, and you would continue to remind me and everyone else of what I am. I cannot let that happen. I cannot allow you to suffer. I have suffered throughout my life. How can I do that to you?


Ivar leaves his baby to die, as Ragnar once wanted to do with him. 

I wasn't sure Ivar was even capable of compassion, but in his own warped mind, that's what he believes he is doing for this baby. He suffered his whole life, and he doesn't want that for him. I really thought for a moment he might go back for him after hearing his cries. 

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It wouldn't surprise me if someone else finds the baby before he dies and decides to take care of him. I'm also curious how Freydis is going to react to Ivar's decision. 

I don't know if she actually believes all of this "god" stuff she's made up, but she did want to keep her baby, just as Ivar's mother wanted to keep him. This could certainly cause a rift in their marriage. 

Surprised Ivar - Vikings Season 5 Episode 18

Hvitserk endured hell, but he passed the test and now has his own ally against Ivar. 

I'm guessing Ivar sent Hvitserk away knowing that he would attempt to gain allies against him. He probably hoped Olaf would kill him for treason so that he wouldn't have to do it himself. He wanted Hvitserk dead, but knew how it would look if he had another brother killed. 

He's going to be in for a surprise when he finds out Hvitserk succeeded. 

What do you guys think? Are you happy Lagertha is back? I know I didn't mention Floki, but what do you think he found in that cave? Are you ready to see Ivar taken down?

Hit the comments and don't forget to watch Vikings online!

Baldur Review

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Harald: I thought you wanted to be queen of Norway?
Gunnhild: Yes, but I never said who I wanted to be king.

Bjorn: Envy I understand, but it doesn't stop us working together, or trusting each other, does it?
Harald: Of course not. There are far greater things at stake than just a woman.
Bjorn: Ah, but she is not just a woman though, is she?