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Bjorn admits to Halfdan that he doesn't love Torvi anymore as they return home. Lagertha fills him in on Harald and Ivar's plan to attack them. She introduces him to King Svase. 

Halfdan swears to Lagertha that he's on Bjorn's side, not his brother's. Bjorn believes him. 

Floki arrives at the spot he plans on living, and the group is skeptical and begins to argue. 

Torvi tells Bjorn she knows he doesn't love her anymore, but makes him swear he'll always take care of his children. Bjorn already has his sights set on King Svase's daughter. 

Ubbe kisses Torvi and Margrethe sees him. She tries to convince Ubbe to let Ivar overthrow Lagertha and kill Bjorn so that he can be king. 

Ivar asks Heahmund to help him think of a strategy. He can see that he wants to win and therefore trusts him. Hvitserk wonders if he was fated to join Ivar's side or if it was free will. 

Astrid tells Harald she may be pregnant. 

Bjorn wants to marry the king's daughter. 

One of Floki's settlers questions if he wants to be king. Floki says they will rule themselves and no one will be king. 

Alfred arrives at the monastery to learn more about Athelstan. 

Bjorn, Ubbe, Halfdan, and Lagertha go over battle plans. They must choose if Ivar will attack by sea or land. 



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Vikings Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Bjorn: He'll destroy our father's legacy for all time.
Ubbe: But we can fight to preserve as much as we can. Our father lives through us, Bjorn, or he doesn't live at all.

Heahmund: Do they frighten you, your brothers?
Ivar: No, maybe Bjorn, just a little. I don't find him very smart, but he is a great warrior. They call him Bjorn Ironside.