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Hvitserk tells Ivar they need to find out what happened to the Seer. Ivar blows him off. 

Alfred promises Bjorn that if they win the battle against Harald, he will grant them the lands they were promised. 

Heahmund tells Lagertha that he must renounce their love based on a vision he had of Hell. Lagertha tells him it was just a dream, but he is shaken by it. 

Ubbe assures Alfred that his plan will work and he needs to believe in him. 

Alfred has the man behind the conspiracy to kill him arrested for treason. Judith tortures him. 

Ubbe goes to see Harald. Harald tells him he should join his army. Ubbe tells him that he's a Christian now and wants to find a compromise. He offers them gold and silver to leave Wessex. 

Magnus goes to Harald and says he wants to fight for him. 

Harald realizes the offer of gold and silver was just a ruse to get them into a compromising position. The battle commences. Heahmund is killed and Lagertha's leg is injured. 

Harald's army retreats and the Saxons celebrate their victory. 

Bjorn searches for Lagertha but is unable to find her. 

Judith tells Alfred that she learned Athelred was the leader of the men who conspired against him. 

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

You can't do this. You can't do this to me, I thought you loved me. You know something? I think you always loved your lord, your God, more than you ever loved me. I don't think you ever did love me. Your soul, whatever that is, meant more to you than I ever could.


Harald: Ubbe, tell me, what are you doing fighting for the Christians?
Ubbe: Ivar drove us out of Kattegat. What were we supposed to do? King Alfred offered us protection, and the lands of England my father fought for.