Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Hell

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RIP Bishop Heahmund. 

His death on Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 was arguably more impactful than the Seer's, but both characters, in a way, saw their ends coming. 

Heahmund renounced his love for Lagertha before the battle to save his soul, but that doesn't mean he died with a clear conscience. 

A Last Ride - Vikings Season 5 Episode 15

In his final moments, as he was struck blow after blow, he used his last bit of energy to call out for Lagertha.

Unfortunately, she was wounded and unable to get to him, so there was no dying declaration of love. 

He renounced his relationship with her out of fear of spending eternity in Hell, but in those final moments, he seemed to regret hurting her.  

Whatever his final words would have been, we'll never know. 

You can't do this. You can't do this to me, I thought you loved me. You know something? I think you always loved your lord, your God, more than you ever loved me. I don't think you ever did love me. Your soul, whatever that is, meant more to you than I ever could.


Lagertha doesn't even have time to mourn his death. She has other problems. 

We don't know where she is, but it's probably safe to conclude she's been taken prisoner by King Harald. Considering his next stop was going to be Kattegat, this can not bode well for Lagertha. 

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After losing the battle in Wessex, Harald might want to regroup before attempting to overthrow Ivar, so he may take his time before returning there.

I don't know what Harald's next move is, or what he plans to do with Lagertha, but Bjorn is not going to let it go.

He will most likely demand Alfred help him find her. He wants the lands that were promised to him, but his mother will be his first priority. 

Bjorn Fights - Vikings Season 5 Episode 15

The battle was a thing of beauty. 

As usual, the camera work and editing made it visually stunning. The cuts between the pre and post-battle scenes, the slow motion, and the music all played a part in ramping up the tension. 

Ubbe's battle plan was pure genius. 

Tricking Harald into thinking they wanted to make a deal to put him in a compromising position worked like a charm.

They made good use of the catapults, and the wall of fire that kept Harald's army from retreating backward was a great idea. 

Ivar has always been known as the best strategist, but Ubbe could give him a run for his money. Alfred told his kingdom that they couldn't have won without their Viking allies, and he's right about that. 

I knew then, with a beautiful certainty, that the day and the battle belonged to us! But without our Viking allies, I swear to you, there could be no victory.


He didn't get to revel in his victory for very long before his mother dropped another bombshell on him. Alfred now knows that his brother, Aethelred, was conspiring against him. What will he do about it?

Alfred would not have survived the battle had his brother not saved his life. He is blood. He is family, and Alfred is a fair, forgiving king. He has to give Aethelred at least a chance to defend himself. 

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Will Alfred believe him if he pleads with him and tells him he could not go through with the proposed plan? It's the truth, but it doesn't change the fact that Aethelred considered killing his own brother to take his place on the throne. 

It's a conundrum, for sure, and Alfred does not want to look weak. Perhaps Alfred will punish his brother but spare his life. 

Alfred in Battle - Vikings Season 5 Episode 15

Magnus joined Harald's army and fought against his brothers. Will we continue to see more of him?

I thought he and Bjorn would perhaps team up, but that didn't happen, at least, not yet. 

If Lagertha is in Harald's clutches, it would be interesting to see if Magnus helps her. He has a healthy respect for Bjorn and Lagertha, so I could see him playing a part in her rescue/escape. 

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Also, did anyone else find it a little ironic when Magnus proclaimed that soon no one would know the name, Jesus Christ, considering we're watching this the day after Christmas?

It got a chuckle out of me. 

Apart from my mother, I've never really known what it is to be loved, or truly love. My father left me outside to die when I was a baby because I was a cripple. Everyone has always treated me first as a cripple. All I ever wanted was for them to love me, but I thought it was impossible, so I was angry with everyone. I've been enraged all my life. Until now.


Ivar has become obsessed with this notion that he's a god. Honestly, it's getting a little annoying. They are so sure that the baby is going to be a son, what is he going to do if it's a girl?

After killing the Seer, he put on a big show of not resting until they find out what happened to him, but Hvitserk is on to him. He knows Ivar had something to do with his disappearance, and I can't wait to see Hvitserk take his stand. 

Torvi - Vikings Season 5 Episode 15

It's coming; it's just a matter of when. 

Hvitserk is about done with Ivar, and the more he prattles on about being a god, the more Hvitserk's skin crawls.

He's getting pushed to the edge, and when he blows, it's going to be something to see. 

Thankfully, we were given a reprieve from Floki's adventures in Iceland. Did anyone miss him? 

Your turn! Were you surprised to see Heahmund fall? Are you worried about Lagertha? Hit the comments and don't forget to watch Vikings online!

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

You can't do this. You can't do this to me, I thought you loved me. You know something? I think you always loved your lord, your God, more than you ever loved me. I don't think you ever did love me. Your soul, whatever that is, meant more to you than I ever could.


Harald: Ubbe, tell me, what are you doing fighting for the Christians?
Ubbe: Ivar drove us out of Kattegat. What were we supposed to do? King Alfred offered us protection, and the lands of England my father fought for.