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Lagertha tells Heahmund she believes she may die in the battle. She asks him to kiss her one more time. 

Ivar tells Hvitserk that he knows he regrets choosing him over Ubbe. During the battle, Ubbe can't kill Hvitserk. 

Halfdan reassures Bjorn that he's still on his side. He is killed in battle by his brother, Harald. 

Harald asks Astrid to cut his hair. 

Lagertha flashes back to her childhood during battle. She and Astrid come face to face, and Lagertha says she does not want to kill her. Astrid says she has to. She doesn't want to have her child. Astrid charges at Lagertha, and Lagertha kills her. She kisses her as she dies. 

Floki tries to regain the peace on his new colony. 

Ivar sees Heahmund fighting for the other side. 

Margrethe asks the Seer if Ubbe will be king, he says no, he will not be king of Kattegat. 

Floki offers himself as a sacrifice to the gods in order to give his settlement a second chance. 

Bjorn tells Ubbe they must gather there things and leave Kattegat. Ivar will be there shortly enjoying his triumph. 

Rollo arrives home. 


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Vikings Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Heahmund: I have no intention of dying, not today, not yet. I'm not ready.
Lagertha: You still think it's up to you whether you live or die.
Heahmund: Yes.
Lagertha: I think I might die this day.
Heahmund: No.

Bjorn: I heard you singing with your brother. This must be hard for you.
Halfdan: Let me tell you something. I owe my brother so much, but I owe you far more. You took me on a great adventure. You showed me that life has more to offer than fighting for land, or for worthless glory, against your own Viking brothers. And if I have to die today, so be it. I'm ready for Valhalla.