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Ivar's scouts return to tell him that the two armies are headed towards Kattegat. 

Lagertha tells Torvi that life is about suffering. 

Ivar apologizes to Freydis and tells her he loves her. She forgives him. 

Bjorn, Harald, and Hvitserk lead their armies in an attack of Kattegat. Ivar leads his people in defense. 

The fight commences as they try to break down the door. It doesn't give and they begin climbing over the wall. Iva uses fire to burn his enemies alive. 

Bjorn's group finally breaks open the gate and makes it inside. They find themselves surrounded. They fight, but Bjorn calls for retreat. Magnus is killed. 

Bjorn makes a speech that he is not their enemy, and that Ivar is. Ivar tells them to kill Bjorn, but they don't.

Freydis goes to Hvitserk and tells him that Ivar burned Thora alive and killed her baby. She tells them there is a secret way into the town and offers to open it for them in the morning. 

They return and Bjorn tells everyone to stay inside and not to fight them. They are there to set them free from Ivar. 

Ivar realizes someone let them in and questions Freydis. She doesn't deny it. He strangles her. 

Bjorn gets in trouble during the fight and Harald saves him. Ivar has retreated and Bjorn claims the kingdom. Ubbe and Lagertha return home. 

Bjorn hears Ragnar's voice asking him why he fights as well as the Seer's telling him the war is not over. 


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Vikings Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

You know who I am. I am Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar. I grew up with many of you. You were my neighbors, my friends. We played together when we were children. I am not your enemy! Ivar is your enemy! He rules over you with tyranny and cruelty.


Torvi: You were between life and death? What did that teach you?
Lagertha: The only thing that I've learned is that life is about suffering. There's no escape from it. That's the truth. What's important is how we deal with suffering, how we deal with the truth.