Recording the Album - Vinyl
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Here Comes the Sun is playing as Richie, Zak and ?? walk into a giant bank hoping to get a loan. Their old school chum, who went to a community college. Their fate in his hands. doesn't look good.

Andie is firing people and preparing for a launch party. All new acts will be a part of it. She fires a guy who gets on her bad side.

Nasty Bitz songs? They're terrible. 

Zak is trying to sign a kid he saw singing at his daughter's bah Mitzvah. He sings a song he wrote this morning and the entire restaurant breaks out in applause.

Lester shows Kip EAB. He later admits he wasn't listening to the Bitz. But once he did, he hears pain and rage. He had to stop trying to fuck Richie. Kip asks him if he can take Lester's song and make it a mirror to his own.

Andie gets on the wrong side of Richie for firing that dude. 

Clark does something stupid, giving coke to the remaining mail room employee.

Devon has been staying at the Chelsea. She needs to pay her rent partly in her art. But she hasn't done that yet. Meanwhile, her kids killed someone cat. Because...nine lives. Whoops.

Richie goes to Maury for help, who suggests Chapter 11.

If not that, then it's to Mr. Golasso. He'll give them $100k as long as Rondolet Records moves into their empty space.

Devon pulls a really great con on John Lennon and Yoko Ono when another photographer can't get through. She borrows his camera, goes up to him and says he has a kind face. Asks if he'll do just one. Then hands him the camera and she and Ingrid pose in front of him. They're eventually asked to say for some champagne, but they say no. They're only there for the night and they heard sometimes you can see celebrities.

The detectives want Richie to take a ride. They want him for whoever killed Buck Rogers. He continually denies it. Then they ask if Joe Corso would do the same for him.

Then they play a conversation between him and Joe from his office, which was bugged.

Zak is messing with his singer's face, trying to make him into another David Bowie named Xavier.

Clark is at the mail guy's DJ party, listening to music.



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