Poaching Known Talent - Vinyl
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Clark's band is terrible. All of the bands from all of the possible agents are in a fest and Richie is bored shitless, even on the way home.

One the way home, Richie hears from his dad, who talked to the police as instructed. He gave them an alibi. That they were at Enter the Dragon. Stupid fuckin' name for a dragon. Richie wants to see him in the office, cleaned up and in a suit.

At the office, Julie is letting go of the A&Rs who didn't make it. After Clark is fired, he dissolves into tears. He'll take over for Jamie. He graduated from Yale.

The label is having a meeting with Kip of Nasty Bitz, but Kip wants Jamie in there. Jamie wonders where the band is, so does Kip. Richie says they need to make some personnel changes. Kip is shocked. Even Lester can't believe that's part of the story. 

Cece tells Richie Jackie Jervis is trying to get Hannibal to sign with Coronet. Hannibal likes his agent, Andrea, who Richie taught everything. Cece agrees she'll try to get them on a double date. Richie calls Devon, who agrees to go, but it sounds like if it was a "real" date, she wouldn't go.

Julie refuses to promote Jamie even though he just gave Clark her job. If she's good, maybe.

Richie still doesn't have his idea of where the company is going. He wants Andrea to help him define it, help him move the company into the new direction. You can tell she's interested, but she wants to be a partner, and if she's not, then she won't bite. She mentions Pink Floyd without a face, and AC's records with all faces. They aren't ready to grow. He insists they are.

Jamie's mother wants her to take over the family business. Jamie isn't interested.

Richie's dad is waiting for him in the office. He tries to explain to his dad that he signed a band, and they have an energy... They duo argues. Alibi Records is born.

Kip doesn't want to fire his best friend from the band. 

At dinner, Richie is telling stories about Devon doing plays and Hannibal finds her sexy as hell, as he should. Hannibal does anagrams in his head, thus He in Racist Fire. 

After dinner, it's back to someone's place for drugs, drinks and dancing. Richie and Cece feel left out while Hannibal and Devon overdue it. Devon has been waiting for a moment to make Richie want her.

Richie rips Devoon out of Hannibal's arms. Hannibal isn't happy about it. Richie strangles Devon a bit in the elevator, and she's hoping it leads to sex. He notices she's wet. He's disgusted. She points out how he was telling all his favorite Devon was a whore when he met her stories to use her as bait. Her plan was to grind against Hannibal and suck her husband off in the bathroom to remind him he wanted her as much as another record.

The conversation between Richie and his dad was recorded and the two Goulet-loving cops are angry they didn't get enough to arrest him.

Jackie Jervis calls Richie. He's with one of his clients, Hannibal.

Devon is walking down the street looking smoking.

Kip is doing heroin. 

Richie goes to find Andrea. He chose Devon over Andie because Devon was more beautiful. Andie is beautiful, yes, but she looks like him. It didn't feel right. Andie will do it, but she won't be an extra wife or another secretary. And don't ever call her at home. 

A girl starts dancing her way over to Richie. He's about to cheat on Devon on top of everything else.

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Vinyl Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jamie: You signed the band. What did you think you were going to get?
Richie: Him, and a couple other guys. See, that's what happens when you sign with a label.

Clark: I almost signed Alice Cooper!
Julie: And I almost fucked Peggy Lee, but I ended up jackin' off instead.