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FIRE!!! The barn is on fire!! They need to get the horses out!! Free the horses!!!

Walker sees his saddle in his truck and takes a walk down memory lane.

Walker and Abeleine catch up on the phone. She's sad that he's at the house. He gets a text, but before leaving, he stops by the family stone in the sidewalk that they have with the kids' handprints.

Micki gets a call from Capt. James. She's all over her boyfriend. She discover he's staying longer and isn't thrilled because as a woman of color, it's important to get the job right.

The Walker family is in the kitchen. Liam is whipping up smoothies, not caring about Walker's breakfast. Stella wants to hang with Liam, and August sticks up for her.

Walker is all alone coming home.

A racehorse was lost in the fire. I guess this is a case of insurance. A dude named Matt died in the fire, too, and Mr. Manchester isn't all that concerned. But Jockey Jed thinks Matt didn't deserve it, not did Texas Nightshade, the horse.

Apparently, Walker isn't a Ranger anymore. He wasn't invited the party. Walker has to pass his recertification because James wants to play by the rules.

James wants things to be different. Walker has to be better. He has to be serious. Whatever Walker has been doing, apparently, he hasn't been doing it well.

Walker was looking into the footage from Emily's death again. James wants Walker to focus on family and get stable on the job.

Micki says they have to take the test together.

Stella and her friend are not allowed to play in the game. ICE is sniffing around the girl's parents. Stella is unbenched, but not Belle. It's an important game. She thinks it's because Belle isn't white.

August meets a girl named Ruby at school. He's interested in photography.

Of course, Micki is better than Walker at everything.

Riding isn't his thing because it reminds him of Emily. he decides not to do the test and walks away. Because he's a walker, get it?

He doesn't fit in anywhere. Walker is struggling.

Great, if short, action scene with Walker and Micki. But while celebrating, Liam interrupts. Walker missed lunch, and Stella never showed up to the game.

Walker knows where Stella is, and he asks Micki to help him.

After arguing with Liam about his kids, Walker and Stella finally find a way to connect.

Liam approaches after

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Walker Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Why ya gettin' all day-drinky about it?


I know you're turnin' over questions in your head, but to that? At least you have an answer.