Hoyt Returns Home - Walker
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More flashbacks. This time, at the very least, it's not a bad memory.

Cordell learned how to drive a stick with Emily, who put a bobblehead on the dash. 17 years later, Walker and Micki are on a stakeout. He's got the bobblehead. He wants to get to know Micki. Bond.

Matt Barr makes a pretty awesome entrance as a stripper. Yep. A very nice entrance, indeed.

How far back does that seat go if Walker has his feet on the damn dash?

When Walker and Micki go inside, her truck is stolen by Matt Barr.

Stella is hanging with her friends. She's not interested in the best party in the year since she's getting along with her dad.

Abilene and Bonham are chittering over alcohol.

Walker is shocked to learn that his best friend is the naked cowboy.

When Walker pays him a visit, they begin with a fight.

Hoyt brought the Walkers steaks for their get acquainted again dinner. He's quite the charmer.

Bonham can't even look across the table at Hoyt. Liam and Walker talk prisons with Hoyt. Hoyt asks about the bonfire and tells Stella her mom started that whole shindig when they were young.

Micki tracked her stolen truck to the ranch. She's worried about Walker.

Meanwhile, the guys are giving Stella court advice before Abilene gives them hot peppers for a muy caleinte contest.

Bonham pulls a rifle on Micki, who then introduces himself.

Bonham invites Micki to the bunkhouse for a bourbon.

Bonham assures Micki that it's only a matter of time before Hoyt gives enough rope so he can hang.

Walker and Hoyt are going to hang tomorrow. Hoyt wants to go to see Geri at the Sidestep. Walker will take down Hoyt if Hoyt's caught up in that robbery.

Hoyt has the mustang, Stella. The day he learned how to drive her, they learned Emily was pregnant, and she bet the mustang on his poker game.

James isn't shocked to learn it's Hoyt Rollins. Micki wants to know why he's letting it slide. James assures Micki that Walker talks a lot, and is likely making it seem kosher while he gets a lot of info.

Micki joins, much to Walker's dismay. But then she arrests Walker, going against James' instructions.

Micki says Walker wants to be everyone's friend, even when they've done something wrong.

Stella and August are at the bonfire.

Hoyt left the car for Walker because it was always Emily's in the first place.

When Walker isn't available, Liam gets a call. His fiance says Stella gets too many get out of jail free cards. But when he learns that it's August that's drunk, he cannot wait to go see.

Hoyt calls Abilene to apologize. They're very close.

Stella learns that Liam won't be in court tomorrow because Walker said so.

Like all teenagers, August plays Tusk, and the whole car starts singing.

Shootout at the place, and you just know that Hoyt will be killed in the melee.

Nope, but he took the truck again, which has an auto off. He was set up. Micki is shocked that Walker was right.

Well, that sucked. I'd rather have had him play with Walker a little more.

Tough love is the theme. Walker thinks he knows someone else who needs it.

Bonham offers to mushroom hunt with Abilene, but she wants to be alone. After a mushroom talk, we discover that Bonham and Abby are on the rocks. But, she's cutting it well so it will grow back, just like the mushrooms. Micki apologizes to Geri and gives her the ring that Hoyt had given her.

They do shots. So many shots on TV.

Stella gets a fine, 100 hours of community service, and a suspended license.

But today, Walker is going to teach her how to drive a stick.

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