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Walker and Micki get a call about the murder of Bob Harlan, an oil man. Micki cuts off fleeing worker Enzo, a former gang member, on Walker's orders. Captain James throws the spotlight on Micki, who is uncomfortable with that. Enzo's daughter verbally tears into Micki. Walker and his kids move into the guest house of his parents' ranch. Stella has her community service. Liam says Isabella's parents are on ICE's radar. Auggie finds a work box from Walker's undercover assignment, hiding a cell phone. Trey attempts to get Micki to see the upside of being singled out as a Latina trailblazer. Trey has a job interview. Walker finds some of Abilene's old love letters in the cellar. Micki doesn't believe the shooter went back to the gang as the sheriff claimed. Enzo dies from his wounds. Harlan left his estate to Enzo. Auggie had a roll of film processed, which shows Walker on his undercover assignment. Stella pushes Liam to help Isabella's family. Micki's secret passion is being a graphic artist. Liam tells Walker about a rough patch in his parents' relationship. Micki thinks Enzo might have been Harlan's illegitimate son and that someone framed him for Harlan's murder. Stella and a cute boy chase down a runaway horse. Harlan's widow claims to know nothing about Enzo's paternity. Harlan's widow was having an affair with Sheriff Shaw, Micki's old boss. Micki confronts him about his relationship with the widow and his framing Enzo for Harlan's murder. He pulls a gun on her then Walker runs him off the road. Harlan's estate goes to Enzo's daughter. Stella brings Isabella a jar of Abby's jalapeno jam. Walker tries to talk with Abby about her relationship with Bonham but she cuts him off. Trey got a job at a school. 

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Walker Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Shane: It never helps to try new things.
Abilene: That's what I keep telling him.

Winston [to Walker]: What did you do?
Micki: What did he do? What didn't he do?