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Elizabeth writes in her diary about her time with Lucas. She's worried about the impact of that trip on Nathan.

Lee has more tickets to get them to Los Angeles. She's not holding her breath. She doesn't believe this time will be any different.

But they're going on a cruise to Santiago, Chile and Rio and New York City. She deserves this so much. If he pulls it away again, I'm going to be very upset.

Lucas wants to know why Henry took over the books. Henry isn't interested in showing him the books. Lucas has to remind Henry that without his initial investment, there wouldn't be a company. Henry still refuses.

Elizabeth is taking half of her class on a field trip tomorrow, and Carson will be teaching science to the rest of the class that remains behind.

Allie can't wait to go into the woods, but Nathan barely engages with Elizabeth. Her face sours.

Carson promises to make science as fun as baseball.

Mike needs a tab at the saloon because Henry didn't pay him on Friday.

Elizabeth takes Lucas some cookies to thank him for the trip. He has something for her, too. Virginia Woolf's autograph in The Voyage Out.

He had it specially bound.

Jesse has prepared a candlelit dinner with grilled cheese for Clara.

He proposes a toast to married life with champagne.

Lee is going to let Jesse manage his own timber block, so Jesse will be going timber cruising tomorrow. He has to wake up at 5 am, and that worries him. Clara wants to get up early to make him breakfast and pack a lunch.

Jack is playing with lincoln logs.

Elizabeth sees Lucas in the street. He's offering to allow her to use his binoculars. She spies Nathan leaning in the road. He waves.

Emily finds an arrowhead. Elizabeth explains how they were made.

Carson asks the class to draw him a picture of a heart. Not a single person draws a pump instead of a valentine heart.

Robert scares everyone by pretending to be a wolf.

Nathan chats with Lee about cars, wondering how he learned how to drive. Nathan is considering picking it up.

Jesse hasn't checked in yet. When they discover the wind is picking up, Nathan peers into the distance. He needs to check on Elizabeth and the kids.

Carson has the kids increasing their heart rates. He's doing his best to entertain, but there is still pushback.

Elizabeth uses the binoculars and notices that the wind is kicking up a lot of cloud activity. She wants to start back now.

Clara wants to practice making little dresses. It makes Rosemary pause with some regret.

Lucas goes to see Bill. He says it's one thing for his money to be held up, but he draws the line at not paying employees. Lucas will need to file a complaint to determine whether he's allowed to see the records. He is, as per his partnership agreement. But if Henry still fails to show the books, he would be in contempt and spend time in jail. Lucas wonders if it has to go that far, but once you set the wheels of justice spinning, you need to see it through.

Florence asks Clara if they've heard anything from Jesse. Rosemary reassures Clara, but there's no taking the fear from her face.

There is still no word when Rosemary and Clara arrive at the office. Kurt was told it's bad and getting worse.

Elizabeth knows of a cabin and gets the kids to safety, but Emily ran back to get her arrowhead. Thankfully, Nathan arrives.

Nathan leaves Newton with Elizabeth and runs into the woods. She is petrified seeing him go.

Nothing good comes of silence.

Rosemary needs Bill's help. She has a map of where the men were working. Bill prepares to head up there right away.

The clouds are swirling like crazy.

Nathan finds the basket, but there is no Emily. A tree had fallen onto the basket. The arrowhead is still inside.

Elizabeth finds Emily and finds another way home for the whole group.

Elizabeth and Nathan talk like teenagers until she finally asks what's wrong. He tries to slough it off. He yells at her for taking the kids into danger and not trusting him to find Emily.

He's angry and lashes out at Elizabeth.

Carson, Lucas, Bill, and Henry are split up and looking for Jesse and Lee.

Rosemary and Clara are also searching. Clara is panicking that she'll have to suffer another loss like Patrick.

Florence sends Nathan out to look for the others. Elizabeth looks on worriedly.

Holy moly. Lee is on the ground, barely breathing.

Lucas arrives at Elizabeth's door. He escorts her to the infirmary where everyone has amassed to wait for word on Lee.

Rosemary is stoic. Lee's vital signs have improved slightly, but Carson doesn't know if Lee will be OK. He suffered a major head injury.

Rosemary wants Elizabeth to comfort Jesse who feels terrible.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Carson: Alright, put your hand on your neck, and when I say start, I want you to do the math and figure out your heart rate.
Timmy: Aw, now it's science AND math?

Any single woman would be lucky to have either man as a potential suitor, and I find myself genuinely torn. Still, I don't want to hurt one or the other. For now, all I can do is be honest with both of them.