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Nathan visits Elizabeth at the school to give her an apple and tell her Allie will be going home with Opal since he'll be a witness in a trial outside of town.

Of course, just as he's leaving, Lucas is on his way in to see Elizabeth.

Lucas invites Elizabeth to go to Union City as his guest to see a reading by Virginia Woolf.

She's taken aback and doesn't answer directly. She promises to think about his invitation, and he says Virginia will be speaking about women in publishing.

The newlyweds arrive home from their Los Angeles vacation. Jesse and Clara loved the trip but are happy to be home.

Carson delivers their wedding photos upon their arrival.

Fiona left for San Francisco very suddenly.

Elizabeth runs up with excitement, too.

Rosemary recognizes Elizabeth's anxiety immediately. Elizabeth is going to say no to Lucas. She has Little Jack to worry about and the overnight portion of the trip.

Lucas confronts Henry about his missing monthly check. Henry claims that he's got a cash flow problem, although he'll cut him a post-dated check if that's what he wants.

Lucas wants to borrow Henry's car, too.

Jesse carries Clara over the threshold.

Lucas is not up for being amusement where Elizabeth is concerned. And she has a "but" to her acceptance. She will not accompany him if he wants to consider the event a date.

It will be his pleasure to escort her in any way she finds acceptable. She's thrilled, but his heart is going to be broken.

Bill finds a very happy Elizabeth leaving the saloon.

Carson discovers Henry has very high blood pressure.

Lucas asks others about Henry's cash flow problem only to learn that the only person who sees the books is Henry.

Rosemary is so excited about the latest development between Elizabeth and Lucas and even more excited to have Little Jack all to her and Leland.

Rosemary is thrilled to allow Elizabeth to borrow a dress so they can go to the most elegant theater this side of the Rockies, the Yorktown.

Lucas arrives to gather Elizabeth, and she has jitters.

She leaves Lucas at the door checking his watch while she offers last-minute instructions for Rosemary.

Clara stumbles upon Jesse giving away some of his items.

Leland has a question. Who's gonna tell Nathan?

Allie sees Lucas and Elizabeth driving by on their way out of town.

Nathan arrives home just as Leland and Rosemary are strolling the town with Little Jack.

Nobody is acting normal as they encounter Nathan.

Lucas has the kitchen prepare them some food for the road before they left, and the twosome shares a roadside picnic.

She's thinking about Little Jack, but also very excited about what Virginia Woolf will have to say. He went to quite a bit of trouble to secure the tickets because he really believed she would enjoy it.

Allie visits Nathan to deliver the news nobody else wanted to share with him.

Things get awkward at the hotel.

Rosemary cannot find Dog, so Jack will not go down for a nap. They think they might have lost Dog somewhere in town.

Bill wonders why Jesse didn't take much from his old house. Jesse thinks his things would be in the way, and Clara likes a tidy house, so he doesn't want to mess anything up.

Leland is looking all over town for Dog and gets a call from Rosemary at the store. She's panicking.

Nathan is attacking some wood to get out his frustrations. Bill knows why, too. Everyone in town seems to know that Elizabeth will wind up with Nathan.

In Union City, Lucas is treating Elizabeth like a princess.

Leland gets a duck for Jack, but it doesn't fly.

Lucas orders champagne after the reading to celebrate Elizabeth meeting Virginia Woolf.

Lucas hasn't finished the book she's just written. In fact, he's not a fan of Virginia Woolf at all.

Clara doesn't understand what's going on with Jesse, and Bill tries to offer some advice about helping Jesse fit into her world.

Neither Lucas nor Elizabeth likes mushrooms, but they love the dish they're eating.

He wonders if she misses the life she once had. Yes, but she can't imagine being anywhere else now. And Lucas admits that he chose Hope Valley because he was looking for someone and somewhere to settle to raise a family.

Rosemary thinks she finally got Little Jack down. They're whispering now. Little Jack finally just gave up and fell asleep.

Leland opens a cabinet door, and the sound wakes Little Jack again.

Clara notices at the dinner table that Jesse is in his stocking feet. He wants to leave his boots outside since they're all muddy.

Clara speaks with Kevin in the morning about Jesse's possessions.

Rosemary and Leland discover the typewriter reminds Little Jack of Elizabeth and calms him.

Nathan is strolling by with Allie when Lucas drops Elizabeth at home.

Lee's hands are cramping trying to keep Little Jack satisfied when Elizabeth arrives.

As soon as Elizabeth leaves with Little Jack, they find Dog.

Clara has retrieved Jesse's possessions from everyone he gave it to. She had no idea how hard it would be for him to move into her house. She wants to make it their house no matter how temporary their situation.

Rosemary and Leland notice how quiet it is without Little Jack around. They miss him.

Nathan and Allie run into Elizabeth and Jack on the street. He isn't a gentleman and welcomes her back rather sarcastically. Of course, it upsets Elizabeth.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Why is it you make appointments if you're not going to keep them?


Elizabeth: I'm worried if I say yes to Lucas, it will give him the wrong idea. And then there's Nathan.
Rosemary: Alright. Never mind about Lucas and Nathan for a moment. What do you want to do?
Elizabeth: I want to go.
Rosemary: Well, then go!!