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Clara piles her woes onto Bill, who doesn't know how to react.

When Jesse unloads on Lee, he springs into action.

A new fellow arrives in town, catching Rachel's eye. He's hiding from Mike for some reason.

Elizabeth cannot type, but she just finished her book. There is a knock at the door with a fancy envelope. Lucas has invited her to the pond at sunset.

Lee admits it was he who reached out to Dottie about the dress shop. She's not amused.

Mike visits Clara for a cut. He just got a two-dollar raise. He uses those dollars to try to get Clara to cut his hair. She takes the money and tells him to come back tomorrow.

She returns the money. She was only kidding!

Florence and Ned have another moment when Elizabeth breezes in. She clears her throat and says she didn't see them.

Allie and Nathan come in, and Allie wants them together, wondering if he like likes Elizabeth still.

The young fella tries visiting henry's office, but the door is locked. Rachel says she knows he's up to no good.

Cooper is pushing Angela on the swing when Angela demands he push harder, swinging Angela right onto the ground where she hurts her knee.

Florence thinks Ned's ulcer has returned.

Nathan teaches Allie how to ride.

Elizabeth rides by and turns down a chance to ride with them.

On their ride, Allie continues pushing the like-like of Nathan and Elizabeth. Robert has moved onto someone else, and Allie still cares. Nathan says she doesn't have to explain it.

Lucas has a picnic next to the pond, and they finish the day together.

Clara and Faith share a drink in the barbershop, and their relationship woes, too.

The man, now sweating, finds Henry in the saloon.

Henry makes it clear that Christopher Hughes is not welcome.

Florence takes off to deliver Molly's package.

Minnie finds Joseph talking to God. People will think he's crazy. She's concerned about how quickly Angela can get hurt. She's having second thoughts on working with Elizabeth.

Joseph thinks that Angela will be in good hands with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth enjoys the visit that Lucas planned to make up for their previous date. She liked dinner under the stars, and he was happy they could be there if Jack needed her.

They toast each other, and it begins to pour. They laugh and run to the car, where they start to kiss, but she pulls back.

While Elizabeth collects her mail, Nathan and Allie arrive.

Rosemary and Lee sit in their beautiful backyard to talk about what he did. He thought she should be her own boss. As soon as he called, he realized that Rosemary would never want him to buy her into that position, and he called her back, but it must have gotten Dottie thinking about it.

Rachel puts on some makeup, and she's not very good at it. Christopher is watching through the window, and she coyly walks outside to see him.

She wonders if he's enquiring for something for a special lady, and he says only if that special lady sees something she likes in the window. She sees him.

Molly bought hair to make up for what she lost. She's with Clara when Mike returns for his cut. She says that tomorrow is half-price Friday, and he goes away happily.

Christopher tracks down henry at the well. Christopher wonders if Henry lost the company to his own mismanagement or some such. He gets some pleasure knowing that it didn't feel good when Henry lost it. Henry launches into a speech about what he's destroyed and how he'll never make amends. Christopher goes away without shaking hands, without a word.

Rosemary hasn't decided what she will do next, but she cannot wait to find out.

Faith thinks Clara did a fantastic job with Molly's hair and hairpiece.

Carson received another letter from Dr. Rizzoli. Carson turned down the fellowship. He wants to be with Faith, but she thinks he'll eventually believe what she has to say, and he won't like working there or being with her.

Christopher arrives somewhere.

Elizabeth shares the brail book with Minnie and Angela. They couldn't find a brail book although they have been looking for months.

Rachel wonders what happened to Christopher's car. She would have liked to see the sights. They introduce themselves, shaking hands.

Florence has a giant gift for Ned's birthday. But it's not his birthday! She's so darned excited him to open it. She thought it would have come in a bigger box. When they open the box, it's not what she ordered. But Ned loves it. How on earth did she know that he'd developed an interest in all things beekeeping?

Joseph asks Jesse about Elizabeth and his marriage. He wonders whose most important in his marriage and discusses his problem, leading to a conversation about God.

Rosemary is compiling a list of what she might want to do next.

Elizabeth and Rosemary discuss Elizabeth and Lucas. She's really enjoying her time with Lucas.

Mike finally returns for the cut. This one's on the house. She appreciates how supportive he is. Clara might work at the barbershop when Fiona returns.

Carson sees Nathan after he purchased a strawberry rhubarb pie for Allie. They do a line-by-line discovery of not giving up on their women.

Christopher is staying in town. Henry introduces Christopher to Elizabeth as his son.

Ned emerges in his beekeeper suit and falls down the stairs while feeling ill.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Christopher: What do you recommend?
Henry: That you think about leavin'.

You're right. I've been struggling so much in my relationship with Carson. I'm hardly in a place to give advice.