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Waverly has pulled a gun on the Widow sisters and Bobo but Bobo gets the gun away. Wynonna shows up with peacemaker, but nothing works. Bobo and the Widow sisters escape. 

Dolls is alive! He wakes up in the morgue. Jeremy and the gang, except for Doc are at the homestead talking about the problem.

Bobo and the widow sisters go to Clootie's grave and enter it. They find his coffin in the old mine.

At the homestead, the team work on a plan. Wynonna sends Dolls to find Doc.

Beth and Mercedes fight about Clootie. Bobo loves it! Mercedes is reborn.

Wynonna and Waverly are at Greta's place asking for help...with peacemaker.

Dolls finds Doc at the well. Dolls tries to make up with Doc and brings him back from the edge. He tells him about Bobo.

Waverly and Wynonna talk about Nicole and Waverly spills the beans about not being an Earp.

Jeremy and Nicole are working when Mercedes witch shows up and uses her breath weapon.

Dolls and Doc head their own separate ways. Waverly takes Wynonna to the hospital and they are stopped by Mercedes in the middle of the road.

Mercedes and Wynonna have a showdown when Doc shows up. Beth shows up and wants Wynonna to shoot Mercedes.

Doc and Wynonna get rid of the Widow sisters then Wynonna is about to give birth at Shorty's. Rosita and Waverly take care of Wynonna while Doc and Jeremy head over to Clootie's tomb.

The Fraternal Order catch up to Dolls while Wynonna is about to give birth on the pool table at Shorty's.

Wynonna tells Waverly that Bobo is her father. Rosita turns on Wynonna and Waverly by knocking Waverly out and helps Wynonna with her labor.

Doc and Jeremy faceoff against Bobo.

Waverly wakes up and shoots Rosita, but it doesn't work. Rosita runs away and Wynonna goes into the final stretch of labor.

Fraternal Order is in a standoff with Dolls. They want the baby. Dolls won't allow it and goes all repitlian on them.

Jeremy fights Bobo and Doc pulls the knife out of his hand. He fights Bobo. He kills Bobo.

Wynonna has the baby off screen. Waverly takes it to see if her and the baby are revenant. When they cross the Purgatory town line, it doesn't affect them. Neither are revenants. The baby is Doc's.

Revenants come to attack Wynonna and she takes them out.

Perry and some others come to take the baby. Doc locks Bob in the well and walks away.

Nicole has something in her possession including a ring. Her and Dolls exchange looks. Wynonna goes on a bike ride to confront her mother.













Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Little gay Waverly is a little judgey, but I like the sass.


Oh, look, sister. An Earpitizer for both of us.