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Waverly and Haught wait outside a bar for Wynonna. Wynonna runs into revenants outside the bar and beats them off with help from her team. They're looking for leads on Bulshar, but aren't finding any. 

Nedley and another deputy run into vampires on the outskirts of town, and the vampires put a spell on Nedley and kill his deputy. 

Waverly and Haught share a tender moment, and Waverly sees that Doc and Wynonna have been training all night. There's tension between them. They aren't talking except during training. 

Waverly and Wynonna find Haught surrounded by bodies that have been deliberately displayed by the Cult of Bulshar. 

Waverly and Haught fall under a vampire's spell. 

Vampires invade the bar. Doc is taken and Jeremy is put under the spell. 

Wynonna goes to visit her mother and ask about the cult, but she seems unstable. 

Doc finds out the vampires want to recruit him, but they're going to torture him first. 

Wynonna's mom doesn't want to leave, but Dolls gets her records from the jail. 

Doc finds out that the cult has returned to watch Bulshar rise, and that he knows his captor, Contessa. 

Wynnona is taken prisoner by Waverly, Haught, and Jeremy, and the vampires throw a party. Dolls rescues Wynonna. Dolls and Wynonna exterminate the vampires and free the spellbound. 

Doc escapes, but so does the Contessa, who says she didn't really want to turn Doc. Wynonna leaves the vampire leader's fate to Bulshar. Bulshar punishes him for coming back empty-handed. 

Doc and Wynonna toast Alice, and then kiss. 

Haught says she thinks she survived an attack from the cult of Bulshar. 

Wynonna is taking Waverly to see their mom when they get in a car crash, and Waverly is dragged from the car without Wynonna.  


Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

You made me pee a little!


He won't touch me unless we're training and he won't touch me unless he's angry, so I keep him training and angry.