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Wynonna wakes up on the side of a cliff. She's going into shock, and she sees her mother. She fixes her dislocated shoulder on her own. 

Waverly is taken prisoner -- the car accident was a trap. 

Wynonna leaves peacemaker behind on the cliff. 

Waverly's captor steals her voice. 

Wynonna's mother helps her keep calm as she looks for Waverly. Wynonna's mother wonders whether it's Bulshar. 

There's a fast demon who killed all the people in the club within seconds. The demon's paying tribute to Bulshar. 

Wynonna's mother says she's weak for relying on her team. 

Doc is angry that he went to hell when he died. He says he and Dolls are murderers. 

Haught sees the truck wreck. 

Somebody comes to help Waverly, and falls into a trap. Waverly gets locked in a cage. 

Dolls has been having side effects from his drugs. Jeremy gives Doc an earpiece, Doc goes to find Wynonna and Waverly. 

Wynonna finds Waverly, and they have to play charades because she can't talk. Wynonna doesn't have peacemaker. 

Haught and Doc go after Wynonna. Waverly wants an explanation for her mother's absence. Jeremy tries to keep Dolls from going after the Earps because of his medicine, but Dolls ignores him. 

Wynonna tricks the revenant and kills him, and then gets trapped. Bulshar is watching over them. Dolls shows up. 

Waverly is furious that Wynonna kept her from her mother. 

An apparition attacks the team, and Haught is stranded on the cliffside. Haught is hanging onto the rope. Dolls fights the apparition and breathes fire on it.  it. Dolls isn't breathing. Bulshar was waiting on the cliff, and Wynonna just misses shooting him. 

Dolls is dead. Wynonna refuses to leave him alone in the woods. She's in denial. She has to let him go. 

Wynonna Earp
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