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Wynonna and Waverly are visited by a woman named Kevin who claims to be part of an international organization regulating the fate of the Earth. Kevin informs them that they must retrieve Bulshar's arm as a weapon in order to stop him.

Bobo is kept at locked up as he has gone crazy. Waverly and Jeremy listen to him mumble, and Waverly deduces that a woman named Maeve might be the key to helping them. She sends Nicole to ask Doc about her.

Nicole discovers that Maeve was a young teenage girl who kept Juan Carlo's diary, rumored to be a witch. Doc and Nicole go to the house where she supposedly haunts.

Wynonna and Waverly set off to find the mine where Bulshar was buried. Out comes a revenant named Radioactive Rick, but wthout Peacemaker, Wynonna and Waverly are helpless.

Wynonna suffers severe burns and they escape to Mercedes' house. In the house, Waverly uses the ring to control Bulshar's arm, which is attached to the revenant. She uses it to strangle him to death and they pull off the arm.

At Greta's house where Maeve is supposedly haunting, Nicole is suddenly possessed by Maeve. Doc demands to see the diary, but Maeve wants an dead body in return so she can return to life. She demands Nicole's but Doc refuses.

Jeremy arrives at the house and Maeve possesses him but spits him out because he is not fully human. After a fight, Maeve unleashes her fire power on the house and burns it.

This alerts the firefighters, who rush to the house. After Charlie saves Doc, Doc attacks and kills him because he is hungry. Nicole starts screaming and tells Doc that if he ever comes back, Nicole will kill him. Doc leaves with a grin.

With the arm, Kevin tells Wynonna and Waverly that it was just a test to see if Waverly was worthy and "The Champion." Kevin tells them that Waverly must seal the garden and stand in her father's place as a guardian angel of the garden, but in exchange, she will turn to stone.

Waverly doesn't know if she can do it, and Wynonna refuses to let her do it.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Waverly: We know Bulshar has some kind of power over the woods.
Jeremy: Yeah, that guy would kill on Tinder.
Waverly: Like if The Giving Tree had sex with a Stephen King story.

Waverly: What do we have?
Jeremy: Uh, each other?
Waverly: Squat!
Jeremy: And, and… really great calves! Both of us!