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Peacemaker mysteriously malfunctions after Doc and Wynonna catch a revenant--a tree also mysteriously moves to block the revenant's path. Robin, an old high school friend of Waverly, stumbles upon a tree leaking blood and surrounded by fancy clothing, but what he doesn't see is that there's a face inside and an eye looking out.

Nicole and Waverly go to the Shelterlands site and investigate the location of the Cult of Bulshar massacre. Nicole has Bulshar's ring but finally throws it away angrily.

Wynonna finds a cradle that Doc made before she decided what she wanted to do with Alice. Meanwhile, Waverly takes Robin back to Purgatory and plays matchmaker with Jeremy. Jeremy and Robin go to investigate the "murder tree" and discover a mysterious staircase but begin to lose their way. The photos that Jeremy takes don't show anything except fog.

Waverly gets a call from the Ghost River Institute indicating that Michelle will be transfered. She goes to visit Michelle, who freaks out, supposedly calling Waverly a demon and screaming that she must die. Waverly is frightened and returns, unsure of what to think. Nicole helps Waverly uncover the truth behind Michelle--Nedley pulled her file to hide that she burnt down the homestead barn with Waverly inside, who escaped.

Wynonna rushes to the Institute to confront her mother, who runs off with Peacemaker. The guards instead take Wynonna in, but she escapes when she decapitates the guard--a revenant.

Waverly discovers Michelle making a pentagram in the barn, clarifying that she doesn't want Waverly dead--she wants the demon following her to die. Waverly screams, cutting to Robin being dragged off by a mysterious snake/vine creature.

Wynonna rushes back to the homestead to find Nicole, Waverly, and Doc eerily happy, being served food by someone named Jolene. Wynonna is fed food by Jolene, immediately perking up.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

She set the fire. But she was no murderous sociopath. She was Michelle Gibson, the rodeo spitfire. The wild heart and loyal soul of Purgatory. Even the thugs and the dimwits drank to her.


Also, does your car have seat warmers? Because I ripped my pants while decapitating. It happens.