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Jeremy and Nedley "kill" Nicole to break the hex placed on her by Ma'am and transfer her consciousness into a frog.

Things go awry when Ma'am sends reaper Billy after Waverly and Nicole's consciousness takes ghost form.

When Nicole's ghost form possesses reaper Billy, Waverly learns the only way to break the hex is to kill Ma'am.

Waverly then goes to the Magpie ranch and uses her angel powers to kill Ma'am, thus resurrecting and freeing Nicole.

Afterward, Waverly and Nicole get engaged in front of their friends.

Elsewhere, Wynonna and Doc are reunited with Rosita, who has been trapped on Ammolite since the Earp curse broke.

Wynonna and Rosita go visit the nuns, and Wynonna tries to trade Rosita, also known as 'A Woman Scorned' for Peacemaker.

The mother superior demands Wynonna and Rosita fight to the death if Wynonna wants Peacemaker back, but they team up when they learn the nun is a demon.

Trapped in the armory, Wynonna makes an impassioned plea to Peacemaker, and her magical gun reveals itself.

Wynonna uses Peacemaker to kill the demon and sets the rest of the nuns free. 

Rosita decides to join them.

Wynonna goes to meet Waverly at the ranch and encounters Holt, who has just found his mother dead.

Wynonna and Holt raise their weapons, but Doc is able to talk Holt down.

Wynonna shoots Holt in the back, driving a wedge between her and Doc.


Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Wynonna: Rosita, of all the revenants that could have survived, it’s busty, brainy, baby-stealing Ro-fucking-sita?
Rosita: So this is it?
Wynonna: This is what?
Rosita: Seventy-six down, one to go. You’re going to kill me last like you said.
Wynonna: Done.
Doc: There will be no killing, as much as I also crave the satisfaction.

Waverly: Is she dead?
Jeremy: Technically. [Frog ribbits] Yes, it worked. It worked.
Waverly: What worked?
Jeremy: Can’t you see? She’s in the frog.
Waverly: You put my girlfriend into a frog?
Jeremy: And you’re welcome.