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Beth is angry at Rip for not stopping John from running into a diner full of armed robbers. He assures her that he couldn't stop him if he tried, so he chooses to help him, instead.

Beth knows nothing will ever happen to Rip, but he says it will arrive for them all.

John sees Carter in the barn and asks if he knows how to ride. No, but if there was a medal for shoveling shit, he'd win a medal. Today, Carter learns to ride.

Carter's balls are bouncing against the horse. He learns how to bounce. It's better on his balls but harder on his legs. His swearing irks John.

John tells Carter about buffalo in 1889 and how his great grandfather told the army that he didn't know where any buffalo were because he thought they would kill the rest. The army wanted the buffalo gone because they wanted the Indians gone. Now the buffalo live on ranches and preserves just like the Indians.

Beth throws a coffee cup at John's head. She's still angry about the diner. His coma was a gift from god. She didn't get any gifts from god. She had to watch puss and bile erupt from his chest for 60 days, and now he's looking for a way to lose it again. She will not do it again.

She says that if he dies, everything he fought for and she fought for will be lost. She fights so hard for him, and he does nothing to help. He does the opposite. He says he does what's right in his heart and won't stop for her.

He wants to know what he's doing to find the men who did that to her, she says, bearing her back. She says that he won't do anything because he knows who did it. He says it wasn't Jamie and tells her who planned it. John believes that the guy attacked them to prove he's still strong ot rival gang members.

Beth wants vengeance. She wants someone to fight for her. After she rides off, Summer calls John. The DA is asking for life in prison for protesting the airport.

Jamie and friends are watching the news that says that John's acceptance speech now seems like prophecy and works in his favor for the election.

Christina thinks that his actions opened a window and gave him a slogan. Jamie has to be the voice of progress.

All he needs is to be the face of pragmatic progressivism and gain Boseman, Helena, and Missoula. When Christina suggests they introduce his real father, she's so annoyed that he didn't tell her sooner.

Garrett agrees with Christina and offers to get scarce. Jamie doesn't want him to go. Garrett wants him to remember all the times in his life when what he wanted was the worst thing for him.

John visits the Sheriff's office but it's not to give a statement. He's there to talk about Summer.

Bill, the interim sheriff, offers for John to sit in with Summer and the public defender. Bill thinks Donny was a gambling addict and only served the highest bidder, so he doesn't have big shoes to fill.

Things will be different with him in charge, Bill says. Same rules, but not they'll be enforced.

Since Summer has no peers here, she doesn't want to go before a jury. The public defender says they need to try to plea it down.

Summer wants him to talk to the judge. She's railing against him and confirms they fucked. Yay!!! Montana prisons are not overcrowded and they're waiting to be filled. John feels differently when Summer says that she was protesting on Beth's advice.

It was Beth's idea for Summer to slap the first cop she saw. Now, John will get her out of this. He promises, and when he makes a promise, it means something.

The judge owes John a favor, so he's going to ask against the public defender's advice.

Kayce is at the reservation talking about the wolf. The wolf is Kayce's spirit animal because, in his heart, he's part wolf too. But the wolf is the hunter most hunted, the killer most killed. Men and wolf are similar in nature and both species have tried everything to destroy each other.

Kayce wonders if they're supposed to destroy each other, then why is one protecting him? Kayce is supposed to cry for a vision. If he cries hard enough, the wolf might tell him. Mo and Monica know how to do that. When Kayce is ready, they'll teach him.

John visits the diner and flirts with the waitress. Garrett is there, as well. John hasn't seen him since he was sentenced.

Garrett says that John could have told the truth to the jury and told them what she'd become. John says she was what Garrett made her, and he raised his son with love and respect, promising to rid the world of Garrett if he behaves appropriately.

Emily and Jimmy are sleeping under the stars. He's leaving for the week. They decide he's pussy whipped and she's pecker whipped. She wonders how she's different from Mia. He says she liked the potential in him, and Emily likes him for who he is right now. Her standards are low.

Emily isn't here to set standards for Jimmy. He needs to set them for himself.

At a stock show, Jimmy gets a horse ready for his boss. Time for stock show stuff during a country song about letting go of the rodeo. Travis is in the spotlight.

Jimmy and Travis catch up, with Jimmy seeming to think that he understands cowboying.

The Yellowstone owns a part of Metallic Cat, the leading sire in the history of the NRCHA. Travis is leaving and taking Jimmy with him right after the show. Jimmy doesn't want to leave, but he feels he owes John Dutton to return as requested.

Jimmy says goodbye to Emily, who is crying. She wants to rip the Band-Aid off quickly.

Beth is asked to join John for dinner. Rip and Carter leave for the bunkhouse.

John's fiery temper surprises Beth. Beth doesn't care at all about Summer. John wants her to have some morality in the way she fights. She says there isn't any morality in a kingdom. John is gravely disappointed and asks her to leave.

Jimmy decides not to say goodbye. He's keeping her. He'll do what he can to keep her. She doesn't want him to break his rule over him. If she asks him to wait, she'll wait. He asks her to wait.

Carter is taking the wranglers for all they're worth in a card game when Beth enters. Walker finds her first and says she looks sad. She is sad because she lost the one thing she's spent her entire life fighting for.

She wants him to play a sad song for her.

Walker heads to the barn with Beth to play her a sad song. She needs to cry and needs a song to cry to. He plays her a song about a man who got killed and wasn't ready to die. As his soul looked down at all the things he missed, Walker is pretty sure he cried.

As Walker plays, Beth finally breaks down in tears. Rip watches from the bunkhouse but closes the door and goes back inside.

Mo and Monica teach Kayce how to do the thing. Mo says that every time something good tries to happen, something bad is in the way. Kayce has to go on a four-day and night mission with no food or water, and Kayce thinks he'll die.

Mo says God would never let Monica love someone who didn't deserve her.

Kayce says goodbye to his family. They arrive at a tree, and Mo begins a ceremony. What will come to Kayce will depend on how hard he prays and how much he suffers. They leave him shirtless inside of a floral arrangement.


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Let me tell you what fair means. Fair means that one side got what they wanted in a way the other side can't complain about. There's no such thing as fair.


You know what we're gonna do? We're gonna run the foul right out of your mouth.