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Peach is recovering from her attack. Joe goes to visit her and Beck. Peach tells them that he must have been right about the stalker, and then she wants him to leave.

Peach decides she wants to go rest at a vacation house. She wants Beck to come with her. She spends her time there wanting one-on-one time with Beck.

Joe decides he wants to follow them because he finds tickets to Paris in Peach and Beck's names and he tried to warn Beck about Peach being in love with her.

Claudia, Paco's mother, thanks him for looking out for Paco and hopes he won't press charges against Ron.

Joe drives out to track down Peach and Beck. He gets in an accident and has a concussion. He hallucinates his ex-girlfriend. A cop stops him and pulls him over. 

He pretends to be a relative of someone in the neighborhood. The cop is suspicious. He takes down Joe's license plate.

Joe sneaks into the house and spends the day spying on the girls. At one point, Beck takes a bath, and Joe sees Peach watching Beck bathe. Peach invites an acquaintance named Raj over. They get drunk and high and get  Beck drunk and high.

They drag her into the bedroom for a platonic massage. Joe is hiding under the bed. Peach and Beck kiss, but Beck eventually stops her and leaves to text Joe. Peach and Raj have sex instead, sort of, and Joe is stuck under the bed listening and texting Beck.

Peach tells Beck about quitting school and going to live with her in Paris. Beck declines and Peach is upset. They argue and Beck leaves. 

Joe is still in the house. Peach catches him and hits him over the head. She threatens to shoot him.

Joe hallucinates his ex again and claims she cheated on him, but in the hallucination, she calls him crazy and swears she didn't. 

When he comes to, she starts piecing together that he was stalking Beck, stalking her, attacked her, and possibly killed Benji. He threatens to blackmail her with her own indiscretions but it doesn't work. 

Peach shoots him in the leg. She thinks he may be dead so she goes to check on him. A shot goes off. 

Joe calls in his favor from Claudia and has her fix him up. 

Beck reaches out later to tell him that Peach is dead. He wrote a suicide note for her. Investigators are looking into it. Joe thinks he covered his bases, but he left a jar of his urine that he used while hiding on a shelf. 

The cop from earlier gets information about his real name and location from his license plate. Joe comforts Beck after Peach's funeral.

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YOU Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

After everything I've been through, Male energy in my healing space isn't optimal.


Some humans, Beck, are cancer. Peach is stage four metastatic.