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Joe poses as a gay/bi man named Paul and tells his new therapist about his relationship with Ronaldo AKA Beck.

He tells Dr. Nicky about how good things were with Beck after Peach died, but Beck started pulling away.  He recounts how he and Beck broke up.

Beck got fired from her job, so he let her work at the bookstore. She is terrible, however, and Ethan points it out.

When Joe talks to her about it, she tells him she hasn't been doing well since Peach died and the best thing she has going on is therapy. Joe gets offended, but he also becomes jealous of Beck's therapy.

Beck makes it up to him with a dinner and she talks about not wanting to do anything major for her birthday. Lynn tells him that she doesn't mean it, so they plan a surprise literary themed party for her.

Beck doesn't show up for hours, but when she finally does she overheard Joe talking about how selfish she was for not calling, texting and showing up late. Beck tells him she was at therapy and wandered around and had drinks.

He demands to see her phone because he is suspecting that she's cheating on him. Joe follows Beck the next day, and when she catches him they breakup.

Joe still thinks she's cheating on him with Dr. Nicky, and that's why he is at therapy with Beck's doctor pretending to be someone else.

Joe breaks into Nicky's office later and goes through Beck's files. After listening to Beck explain why she needs space, he decides to give her what he wants since he believes her now. He breaks up with her on good terms.

He sleeps with Claudia's friend Karen who he has bumped into in the halls when she chases away Ron. While Karen showers, he checks in on Beck's social media and is haunted by Candace again.

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YOU Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Shitting where you eat just leads to confusion and E. coli. Some I'm going to let you ruminate on that for a little bit.


I always had trouble with that kind of thing; the whole good guy versus bad boy bit.