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It has been three months since Joe and Beck broke up. 

Joe is dating Claudia's friend Karen. He's trying to convince himself that he's happy with her, and he likes that she isn't as complicated. 

Beck has been published and has a book deal. Blythe is helping her get back into her groove with writing. She makes Beck get offline for a while. 

Joe still check in on Beck, but then he sees that her social media is all down. Beck on the other hand cyber stalks Karen, Joe's new girlfriend. 

Blythe and Ethan prepare to move in together.

Joe and Karen babysit Paco. When Claudia comes to get him, they notice that she's strung out. 

While taking a stroll to their froyo spot, Karen and Joe bump into Beck who is "conveniently" in the neighborhood. It's a frosty exchange between Beck and Karen. After the exchange, Beck sends Joe a text message.

Both Beck and Joe talk to Dr. Nicky about their texting and flirting with their ex. 

Beck shows up while Joe is helping Blythe and Ethan move. She keeps hitting on him and trying to seduce him.

Joe and Karen take Claudia to the cage to detox when they find her strung out again. Paco wants to know what's happening with his mother, but they won't tell him much. He eventually convinces Joe that he should see her.

Ron stops by the bookstore looking for Claudia. He claims she still talks to her.

Joe takes him to see her, and Claudia insists that things will be better.

Beck calls Joe to the ferry to talk about her writing. Instead, they end up having sex right there. They carry on with their affair having sex repeatedly. 

Beck shows up at a housewarming party while Joe and Karen are there. Karen tells Beck how good of a person Joe is and what he does for his friends. 

Beck pulls Joe aside and tells him that she's a mess and that they should stop because he deserves better and she's no good for him. 

Claudia finishes detoxing and thanks Joe and Karen.

Joe decides he has to break up with Karen, and he's surprised that she takes it so well.

He runs to Beck's apartment, throws a rock through her window and they make up. 

Later, Karen bumps into Beck and tells her to be careful because she doesn't want to end up like Candace and thanks her for showing her who Joe really is.

Joe sees that Claudia is back with Ron. He expresses his disappointment. Paco blows up at him and tells him that everything is worse now. 

Karen bumps into Beck and warns her about Joe doing something to Candace.


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YOU Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I hardly look at your Facebook. Two or three times a day max. I don't go by your place.


She keeps me guessing. She's equal parts neat and freak. Holy shit! I'm happy. She's happy. We're good for each other.

Joe Voiceover