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Josh has called Liza. Greta van Young want to interview Josh for the New York Times. Josh wants Liza to interrupt him when he says something stupid, but Liza reminds him they fact check everything.

Cheryl is at a potential author thingy with Dr. Wray. It's hashtag goodluck from her. Liza feels really awkward with every word that comes out of her mouth. Kelsey, on the other hand, starts to question the fact she has no marriage tract.

Thad is incredibly worried about showing Kelsey to his boss, but she "kills it" as he puts it.

At home, Liza is using Olay Regenerist. Ahhh. That's the ticket!

Thad is trying to set up a three-way for Liza for her birthday. She tells him off and leaves. Then his boss tells him not to let Kelsey get away because shes' something special.

Meanwhile, Josh is in the middle of a photoshoot at the tattoo shop. Wow.

Cheryl decides to tell Liza that if she doesn't pull their offer on the Dr. Wray book, then she'll out her. So Liza decides to go to Dr. Wray as a patient.

Cheryl is a patient of Dr. Wray, too!

Lauren and Kelsey are really angry about Josh's article. He didn't mention her once!

The look on his face is so painful OMG. He's going to break up with her. He breaks up with her.

Then Thad comes in, tells Kelsey she deserves more and proposes. After treating Josh like shit, she accepts that assholes proposal.


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Younger Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

How have we not been freaking out about our futures more? I am turning 27 tomorrow!


The more I talk to Greta, the more I realize what a big part of my story you actually are.