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Liza and Josh are spooning in bed, she's the big spoon, which he is supposed to be, until he realizes it means forking!

Caitlin starts following Josh's band on Instagram. Liza wants him to ban her! Block her? Yes! Liza really doesn't want to overlap much until she know they're serious.

At the office, Diana is wondering about Jade's book. They have seen nothing. Nothing. The pages are like nothing she has ever seen. Jade wants the cover of her book to be a photo of her next to a homeless man just as she climaxes. The sound when the book opens? Her climax.

Liza's former friend Michelle follows her daughter on Instagram who follows Caitlin and they got to the club to see Josh. Tom says they have fake IDs to say they're from Oregon. Then they invite Josh and Liza for dinner. Josh accepts.

Jade doesn't go to the meeting with Kelsey and Kelsey flips. She threatens Jade's agent about the advance and the commission. A text "did you see this" upsets Kelsey greatly.

Josh has never been to New Jersey. He tries to suck a pot pop to soften the experience, but Liza says nooooo. Then Josh says they should probably tell her what truffle butter is. Now I want to vomit.

Kelsey and Lauren at looking at Jade's Instagram and Snapchat pages. She's blowing her advance and hashtaging Chesty Peters. But they're not hamburgers, they're doucheburgers. Made with lobster and foie gras. They have to stop her!

Michelle is shocked to think Liza thinks she has something with Josh. Demi couldn't make it work, and she's gorgeous. Josh is her 9/11. He's not a real partner. So Liza eats the pot pop. When Josh realizes what's happening, he ushers them off.

When Kelsey catches up to Jade, Jade admits there is no book.

Josh asks Liza what's going on and she talks about the expiration date. If he might want kids, then maybe they should just get married and start having kids.

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Younger Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Maggie: You need me to tell you what to do? Woman up.
Liza: You say that like you expect me to know who I am, but I don't, because I'm no longer a person. I'm a game of Risk.

Here I've been worrying my head off about you, and you've been living the dream.