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Bryce isn't fitting in very well at Empirical. Diana isn't happy.

Liza's friend, Michelle, calls to say their favorite book store, Book Nook, is closing. They have to go together to the last book club. Her best memories are with Liza. Liza promises to go.

Kelsey keeps telling everyone she meets that she has a dead fiance. Then again, Lauren left to find a home base and settled with her old school pal, Max, who is now a doctor.

The Book Club ladies want to do a nudie calendar to keep the place. Liza's final determination? They're gonna lose it. She's sad. Maggie understands. There's no good place to go to the bathroom since Borders closed.

Lauren slept with Max. When they wake up, she tells them she has a girlfriend.

Kim and Bryce are on the virtual great wall of China. That's where they go and it's friggin' hilarious. Diana falls over the wall when Liza finds a panda.

Liza puts out the idea that Bryce donate money to Book Nook to have his reputation rebalanced.

Liza tries to get out of being at the donation event for Book Nook, but it looks like her two lives are about to collide.

Just before they land, and moments after Liza tries to tell the helicopter folks that the town will say things about her, that she's not who they think she is, Bryce thinks Zukerberg just did the same thing so it's called off.

Charles doesn't think bringing Bryce on board was a good idea.

Lauren tells Maggie about Max, and Maggie wishes her well.

Josh drives Liza to the final day at the bookstore and sticks around as designated driver. Her friend realizes he's the real deal.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Bryce: You're still drinking coffee...
Kim: We switched coffee cubes a while ago.

Liza: Sounds messy.
Maggie: Speaking of, how's Josh?
Liza: I'm lying and he's wasting his youth, but I think we're happy.