Younger Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Last Days of Books

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Liza was a slut in high school.

With the way that slid so easily off of her tongue, do you think that was another secret she's been keeping? Her true secret was saved by Mark Zuckerberg on Younger Season 3 Episode 3, so anything is possible at this point.

Virtual Reality - Younger

It's not very often I laugh out loud (really laugh) while watching television alone, but "Last Days of Books started out really strong. Miriam Shor was delivering her very best Diana without even saying a word.

The entire boardroom scene required me to stifle the laughs so I could catch the inane quotes coming from Bryce and Kim.

You can't describe a flavor you've never tasted, Deanna. Where you see a circle, Bryce sees a tree.


Like some of my favorite millennials, they talk out of holes that blow air, but don't often carry words (let alone meaningful ones) as said air exits. Watching Diana try to interpret the conversation is worthy of rewatching.

Meeting Dragon Bryce and Centaur Amy on the Great Wall of China just about did me in. First of all...were those two ijits really there, or were they in the middle of a video game? And if they were really at the wall, why were they dressed up in VR cosplay?

(I literally just started laughing out loud to myself again while writing about an ijit.)

As Liza was flailing her arms around, Charles was standing relatively still, but Diana couldn't keep herself from going over the edge with Liza. I could have watched them on that wall for the entire half hour and laughed myself silly. Do you think Diana got to see the panda before she crashed down upon him?

Wow. That was good stuff.

Stop Trying So Hard - Younger Season 3 Episode 3

I'm a little sad about the events surrounding Lauren and Maggie. It wouldn't have happened if Maggie hadn't left Kelsey all alone at the bar when she was supposed to be scoring them a home base for the night out. 

But then again, Maggie's advice to Lauren was much needed. Stop trying so hard to be something you're not. Maybe you are just a normal girl who wants and enjoys normal things. What's so bad about that?

It might be kind of fun seeing a different side to Lauren, all cozied up to her doctor man.

Kelsey sharing with everyone she had a dead fiance might have seemed like overkill on her part, but she's just not ready to be talking to men yet. She hasn't even come to terms with who Thad was when he was alive let alone the fact he's dead.

But I have to comment on Hillary Duff's eyebrows. They were fierce! Whether that's her doing or something introduced by the makeup department, they really enhanced her look. 

And finally we have Liza trying to use her old life to save something in her new one. Hasn't she learned by now that's never going to work out well?

It's inevitable the two worlds will collide, especially in a case like this. Charles isn't the type of employer who would allow someone else to take the credit for an inspirational idea to save the company. He'd want her to be there. It was her hometown. If he wasn't invited, what kind of man would that make him?

It doesn't say much for coffee cube Bryce that he'd renege on his donation to the Book Nook. It would make me wonder exactly who I had invited into my company. Which was also on Charles' mind.

Getting Into Bed - Younger Season 3 Episode 3

Charles: Actually, I'm starting to question bringing somebody like Bryce on board.
Liza: But the company needs the money.
Charles: Yeah, but you never know what's gonna happen when you get in bed with a 26 year old.
That's term.
Liza: Of course.
Charles: See you tomorrow, Liza.

The way he said that and the looks on both of their faces were pretty cute. They're gaining a little bit of their comfort level back. Didn't Charles even get somewhat red in the cheeks after he made the reference?

He trusts her and her thoughts on Empirical. If nothing else, he knows she has the company's best interests at heart. 

But where does her heart stand? That's still hard to figure out.

It's Josh who can drive her to spend the last day at Book Nook with all of her older friends. And her friend is right, Josh is the real deal. He does things for Liza that husbands don't do for their wives. 

But if Liza can't truly appreciate it, then it's not the right relationship. When Maggie asked how they were doing, Liza said she was still lying and he was still wasting his youth. If she had any intention of being with him long term, she wouldn't have used that particular phrase.

Josh is wasting nothing if they are a real couple. It doesn't seem that Liza believes they have that staying power.

It's your turn! What did you think of "Last Days of Books"? Did the virtual reality scene tickle your funny bone as it did mine? What else jumped up and grabbed you?

There is never as much fun around here as when you share your thoughts. Let me have 'em! And watch Younger online if you're not fully caught up.

Last Days of Books Review

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Younger Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Bryce: You're still drinking coffee...
Kim: We switched coffee cubes a while ago.

Liza: Sounds messy.
Maggie: Speaking of, how's Josh?
Liza: I'm lying and he's wasting his youth, but I think we're happy.