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Liza and Josh are watching TV and someone dies, so Josh gets a little frisky. Liza's not in the mood. Liza says she is on her period, but Josh doesn't care. He has a towel with a really busy pattern.

Liza talks to Maggie about it. Liza says if you're a lesbian, you have to do it, otherwise you're off for half the month. Liza never had it purposefully.

At work, Liza is annoyed by the sound of people working. She also doesn't have a date yet for the opera. My guess? She's taking the worker dude.

Bryce wants to have the Stoopid Girls from YouTube write their next book. They wear adult diapers and wait for them to leak.

Liza is really freaked over period sex.

Lauren has the girls meet Max, which is a one second intro.

One of the Stoopid Girls is a real writer, with an actual novel. She's boxed into the Stoopid Girls thing and can't get out.

If that's what entertains millennials, I'm really scared.

Diana goes to work happier than ever, gives her opera tickets to Liza. She has construction to supervise.

Bryce is extremely rude to Tay. Even worse, he hs decided that he's recommending cutting 45% of the staff next quarter. Oh, not Liza, just the old people, like Diana.

Liza and Charles meet outside the rest room. They stare longingly at each other for the rest of the night. It makes Liza very horny for Josh and ready for period sex.


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Younger Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Liza: Hey, I thought you wanted to Netflix and chill tonight.
Josh: Babe, you know that means sex, right?

Construction Manager: Hey, slow down.
Diana: I don't need to slow down. What I need is peace. What I need is privacy.
Construction Manager: What you need, is to get fucked.