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The EW chick, Emily, has her book launch. Pearls of Wisdom is ridiculously popular – selling out of Amazon popular.

It's Charles' birthday and Diana wants Liza to buy him a present on her behalf.

Maggie meets a woman out and she's really pretty except for the mustache.

Kelsey and Zane are battling in a twitter war and it heats up the sex.

Liza is getting ready to put her daughter onto a train when she sees Jay from McMillan in th street. He picks up her phone and calls his phone so he has her number. Caitlyn doesn't get the message when she plays a stupid mom game with her in front of Jay, but then why should she? Liza is still lying to a lot of people.

Maggie takes on the role of George Costanza when she considers the stache.

Kelsey and Zane go big time when they make Variety, William Shatner retweets them and even JK Rowley. But then Charles asks Kelsey to shut it down after admitting he's taking some of Millenial's money for the Crown of Thorns guy. Kelsey talks back, and that's when you know her words will come back to haunt her.

Liza's dinner with Jay is iced with truth. He promises not to tell anyone.

It's a bit bizarre when Jay admits he knows Charles from Princeton. They used to call him Upchuck because he couldn't hold his booze.

Jay calls over Charles and they chat. The last time Charles saw Jay, Jay was dating a much younger woman.

Charles speaks with Liza the next day about Jay. He says Jay was never married and is a cat person.

Rivington steals LL Moore after seeing a text on her phone. Charles wonders whether Zane had access to her phone, ipad, etc. It's bad. Really bad.

While Kelsey is crying Zane texts. It's not what she thinks!

Liza slams into Charles' office. His behavior is so unlike him. He agrees. And it all comes down to his inability to understand why Liza is dating a 40-something guy in publishing that isn't him.


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Younger Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Lauren: Ohhh. She was very, very into you. You could have fried an egg on that cooch.
Maggie: Did...did she have a mustache?
Lauren: Honestly? It wasn't on her tits. That's all I was lookin' at.

I had a hamster once when I was a child. Sad story. Apparently, you can't blow dry them on high.