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Liza wakes up to Montana asking advice of Maggie about how to reach Josh after banging him.

At work, Charles has an announcement about the successful early run of Millennial and the need for another executive. He announces the new associate editor Liza Miller. Unfortunately, they cannot afford the raise, however, and still get an assistant for Diana.

Charles, Diana, and Liza go to lunch with one of their most prolific writers. When she asks to go to the bathroom and Liza assists her, she dies in the bathroom while on the toilet.

Belinda's funeral is a place of pink.

Kelsey and Liza are really good. Learning about the fire walked through to support her daughter made Kelsey understand everything.

She even took Liza one of "her" bars for the evening and talked her into talking to the hot Diego at the bar.

The next day, Liza stops at his building in progress to try to stalk him. Unsuccessfully.

Lachlan Flynn is ready to move on from his editor. However, his editor shows up instead.

Zane Anders and Kelsey begin back and forth barbs that she hasn't enjoyed in quite some time, if ever.

Diego calls Liza at work because his security cameras caught her peeking in his windows.

Montana cannot be Maggie's assistant anymore because of how terribly she feels about Liza.

Lauren isn't happy with her man anymore, filling her diary with red dots instead of gold. He runs in and sees her planting a gold star for once, but overall the diary is nothing but bad news. He realizes she wants to break up.

Liza discovers Diego is creating an old hotel because he's tired of all the glitzy and glamorous ones. They wind up kissing.

Kelsey and Zane also have a great night. He's a little bit arrogant but in a gentlemanly way.

Just when things are going great, Kelsey gets a text from Laughlin saying he's still interested if she is.

Liza sleeps with Diego and immediately tells him her bosses think she's 27. Unfortunately, his secret matches hers.

Lauren is with Maggie and Kelsey at her place. She's not doing well.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Liza: Hey, good morning, what cha up to?
Maggie: She really didn't know.
Montana: I didn't.
Liza: Oh. That's fine. Really. Bang away. Like a screen door in a hurricane.
Montana: OK.
Liza: Yeah, OK. I'm going to go to work now. Have a nice day.

Oh, please. Some of my best work comes from my worst hangovers.