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On the Younger Season 5 premiere, Liza returns to Empirical hoping to get right back into work. 

Charles keeps blowing up her phone because he "needs to talk to her," and when she pops into his office, he asks her if she feels like she's been put in a "compromising position."

Thinking Charles is referring to the hook-up in his office, she admits that she has feelings for him. 

Things take an awkward turn when he reveals that he's actually inquiring about golden boy Edward LL Moore. 

Apparently, accusations of sexual harassment have surfaced against him in the wake of the #MeToo movement and before they embark on a new project with him, he needs to know that they are okay to proceed. 

Liza is adamant that though Moore is a flirty old man, he has always remained professional. 

Oh, how she would regret taking that stance. 

As they prepare to launch the Pam Pam Chronicles at Comic-Con, they ask Liza to come dressed up as Pam Pam because she is Moore's "favorite."

Her tasks include rounding up all the other Pam Pam cosplayers. When Moore starts making suggestive and lewd comments, she confronts the other Pam Pam's who all come forward with their own sexual harassment stories against the renowned author. 

Liza confronts Charles with the newfound information, and he is forced to postpone the book until further notice much to the dismay of die-hard fans and Moore himself. 

But Moore isn't going down without a fight. 

He calls up the publishing honcho and arranges an evening meeting with him where he places the blame on all the women including Liza who he says has "zero credibility."

Then, he produces several documents to Charles proving that Liza isn't really who she says she is. "She's a forty-something housewife from New Jersey," he enthusiastically tells a visibly shocked Charles.

Meanwhile, Kelsey is irritated that Zane is technically considered her "equal" at Empirical. 

However, it could come in handy since HR gave the green-light from equals to pursue romantic relationships. 

Liza tries to help Empirical save face following Moore's accusations and switches a billboard in Time's Square to promote Marriage Vacation. Pauline is so grateful and uses this moment to attempt to rekindle things between her and Charles.


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Younger Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Diana: Do you want to say something Liza? It might destroy the company, but we will support you.
Liza: He's a flirty old man but he never crossed the line, no.

Zane: That skirt isn't safe for work.
Kelsey: I can see the outline of your wiener in those pants.