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Zoey ended the workday with a surprise musical number from Joan about her unsatisfied marriage, but Zoey initially perceived it as a cry for help about the project and her team.

Just as she didn't want to get into Maggie and Mitch's personal life, she definitely refrained from getting in the middle of Joan and Charlie's. However, her musical power wouldn't allow that, and she quickly learned that brushing a problem aside doesn't make them go away.

Charlie was supposed to launch the new SPRQ Point watch, but Zoey quickly learned about the problems in their relationship and grew close with Joan and helped her realize her potential and the importance of standing up for herself and leaving Charlie. 

Meanwhile, Zoey learned about Maggie's unhappiness and stress overload with Mitch after Zoey implemented her new communication device. Maggie felt underappreciated and burned out by the full responsibility of Mitch's well being.

Zoey and David banded together to help Maggie find respite in her marriage with Mitch. 

Max and Autumn's relationship flourished and they were inseparable, making Zoey feel some sort of way. Mo flipped back and forth between team Simon and team Max. 

Eventually, Zoey used her powers for good and helped two women regain their strength to put their needs before their male counterparts. 

It was a full episode filled with positive feminism attributes. 


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Zoey: Is it ok for him to be air-spanking her like that?
Simon: I think it's alright. Those look like consensual spanks to me.

It's a girl power thing. I scream out when I see injustice.