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Zoey spent her morning with Mo as they fixed her stove and introduced Zoey to the downstairs tenant Bonnie who suffers from agoraphobia.

As Bonnie physically entrapped herself in her apartment, Mo showed Zoey their inner song-alogue and expressed how they really feel. Despite their larger-than-life personality, they feel that they are living a double life as a The Great Pretender, hence the song. 

In an attempt to try and help Mo, Zoey confronted them about their feelings and they denied anything was wrong. This led Zoey to follow Mo to church and saw them during choir practice dressed in men's clothing. 

When Mo noticed Zoey had followed them they got upset and told Zoey to mind her own business. Seeing Mo's loyalty to religion despite it being a hard place for them, made Zoey question her lack of knowledge for spirituality and organized religion. 

Meanwhile, at work, she heard Joan's inner performance of Wrecking Ball and additionally tried to make things right and reassure herself that her meddling hadn't messed up a marriage. By the end, Joan came around and Zoey was successful.

After Zoey stopped by Bonnie's doorstep time and time again talking to her letting her know that the world wasn't such a scary place, Bonnie also came around and surprised Zoey one day. She came out of her apartment and asked Zoey to walk with her to Mo's apartment to drop off the check. After Mo witnessed this act, they realized that if Bonnie had the courage to face her fears, they should be able to face theirs as well. 

The episode ended on a beautifull note as Mo performed in a dress and wig in front of their congregation and everyone accepted them.



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