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Brannigan is driving Chloe,  who is strapped in, unable to move. She tries to tell Brannigan that Agent Shaffer was was a bad guy. He still refuses to believe that what she says about him is true. A black car begins to tailgate them. They pull up alongside the car, shoot and kill Brannigan, and kidnap Chloe.

In Zambia, the other members of the Zoo Crew find a hut of people who have been killed by leopards. It's strange, so they know they're on the right track. 

Chloe is tied to a chair, and left alone in a room. She finally finds out who her captor is: Gaspard, the man who first assembled the Zoo Crew.

The Zoo Crew comes across a truck full of villagers who tell them to turn back. A group of leopards broke into their camp the night prior and killed 12 people. They pull out the map, and discover that the attacks are happening randomly. They are working together, using military tactics. They believe the leopards will seek them out.

Gaspard wants to know where the rest of the crew is. Chloe refuses to tell him. 

The Zoo Crew comes across a tree, full of dead people. Ray has never seen an animal do this to humans. Mitch comments that they have. Jackson wants to move forward, and head to the leopards. Jamie thinks that it's a bad idea. But they need the leopards to create their cure.

The Zoo Crew sets up camp for the night. Ray helps Mitch and Jamie set up a tent, and asks them how they intend to administer the cure. They want to focus on creating one first. Then, they'll worry about the rest. Abraham and Mitch sit up while the others sleep, and talk about their situation. Jamie comes up behind them...she needs to pee. Mitch offers to go with her, to look out for her, while she...pees.

Jackson is awake. He sits with Abraham, and they reminisce about when they had a simple and quiet life. He tells Abraham that he is worried about Chloe. Abraham assures him that Chloe is probably just fine.

Gaspard sets up a television. He threatens to kill her sister if she doesn't cooperate. She says that her sister betrayed her, and she might enjoy watching that. Gaspard had a feeling she may feel that way. 

Everyone reunited at camp, they hear a rustling in the bushes. Ray decides to go after it. Abraham objects... they are safer together. Ray returns, saying that he found nothing, but he is suddenly attacked by a leopard and dies. 

The leopards circle the Zoo Crew. They try to help them off by using fire. Jackson has the idea to throw glow sticks. The leopards eat them, and they glow in their stomachs. Now they can track the leopards. The leopards run off. As they drive to find the leopards, Mitch decides that they should say something about Ray. Abraham says that while Ray was obnoxious, he was also passionate. 

Gaspard shows Chloe video of her sister, Nathalie, being beaten. Gaspard calls, and tells Nathalie that she will be killed unless Chloe gives up the location of the others. Chloe still refuses. Nathalie continues to be beaten.

The Crew finds another location of dead people, killed by the leopards. Abraham scolds Jackson for being reckless and acting without a plan. Ray didn't have to die. They find a mother leopard, who has been left alone. She is protecting a baby cub. She heads out, and Jackson collects her cub. They can now make the cure. 

They drive out to the bridge, and it has been chewed out. The only way to get to where they need to go is to go around the island, and through a dangerous village where the villagers have shotguns and machetes. Chloe's cell phone rings. Her former co-worker tells Jackson that Brannigan is dead, and Chloe is not safe. 

Chloe watches Nathalie be tortured. She has finally had enough. She lies, and tells Gaspard that the Zoo Crew is in India, looking for leopards. 

The Zoo Crew encounters these dangerous villagers. They surround them. Abraham tries to reason with them, and explain what they are doing. They think that the Crew is worth money. They take them all hostage, but not before Mitch can get what he needs from the baby leopard.

They separate Jamie from the rest of the team. Just as they are about to harm her, leopards attack. The Zoo Crew reunites and gets into their car, and drives away.

Gaspard knows that Chloe lied. He checked the flight manifests. Chloe knows that Gaspard will not kill Nathalie. He would lose her leverage. He orders that Nathalie's hand be cut off. 

Mitch's plan was to use what they knew about the leopards communication by sticking the baby so that it would distress call the other leopards. The plan worked. They realize that Jackson has been shot.

Delavane breaks in, and kills Gaspard and the men holding Chloe captive in an attempt to earn back her trust. He is on her side. 

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ray: I've never seen animals do anything like this to humans.
Mitch: We have.

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Mitch: Nobody ever took me camping. Would you want to be stuck in a tent with moody, teenage Mitch?
Jamie: Fair enough.