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At a rest stop in Boston, Mitch shares with the rest of the Zoo Crew that they need an electroporator to use to mix the leopard DNA with the Mother Cell DNA when they catch it. Jamie and Jackson remember that there was an electroporator in the optometrists office when they found Evan Lee Hartley. They need to get one, and find a way to bring it to Africa.

They decide to head to Clearwater, Florida. In Clearwater, there is a way to get to Africa. Ray, whom Abraham thinks is a nightmare.

At the docks in Clearwater, Abraham, Jackson, and Chloe meet Ray, who is an animal activist of sorts, but also does some under the radar dirty dealings. He agrees to take the Zoo Crew to Africa by boat, but first they will have to help him with his plan to break into Clearwater Zoo to liberate the animals. 

At the motel, Jackson is doing his best to sell the Crew on Ray. Ray works with FARM...the Free Animal Rights Militia. Abraham thinks that they are crazy to work with Ray, he thinks this is reckless. But Chloe has the final word. They're working with him. Mitch finds a bright side... they can get an electroporator at the zoo. 

The Zoo Crew see a special news report, and Brannigan is asking for anyone who has seen any of them to contact the local authorities. They are wanted for the murder of Agent Shaffer, the dirty FBI Agent who tried to kill them. Now that their names and faces are out there for the public to see, Ray truly is their only hope of getting to Africa.

At the FARM headquarters, Ray shares the the plan of attack for the Zoo break in. While Mitch is getting the electroporator, the others will free the animals from their cages. Jackson has a better idea. A more stealthy approach. Using Mitch and Jamie. 

Jamie gets on the phone with the Zoo, and talks her way into getting the security camera feed sent to her computer. She's afraid that it won't work, but Mitch reassures her. He has faith in her. So while the rest of the crew is breaking into the zoo, Jamie can tell them where to go, and where security is located. 

Ray is hasty at the Zoo. He wants to cut all of the wires. Abraham reminds him that they can't, otherwise they will lose their feed. 

The Zoo Crew put on animal masks and head into the Zoo. Chloe and Mitch head to the lab, while Jackson heads to the animal cage to release a Zebra, and others release camels. Mitch gets the eletroporator, as security closes in on the rest of the team. They are caught. They start to remove their masks when Ray shoots the guards. Looks like Abraham was right about him. He's crazy. The guard fires back and shoots Ray, and kills another member of the team, Cody. They escape.

Back at headquarters, Mitch goes in vet mode. He can dig the bullet out. Abraham presses Anissa, another FARM member, for their plane, and she says that she can tell them where it is, but it won't do them any good. Ray is their pilot. Jackson tells Abraham that he can say, "I told you so." They go outside to talk, where Abraham shares with Jackson that he's worried about his erratic decisions. This is exactly what Jackson has always said happened to Robert, and he fears the same for Jackson. 

Mitch is able to dig the bullet out of Ray's shoulder. Anissa takes Abraham to the plane, and she asks him why he hates Ray. Abraham says that Ray has always been trouble. Anissa gives Abe another story of Ray. A lovely one where Ray brings disabled dogs to disabled veterans. Abraham shares more of what he knows of Ray... one where Ray got Jackson beaten up by poachers. Another where he got Jackson arrested. Lastly, when Jackson went to Nairobi with Ray, and almost got him killed had it not been for Abraham. Anissa asks Jackson if he's so sure Ray is the bad guy, or if maybe it's Jackson.

Chloe and Jackson feel as though it's been 150 years since they met in Africa. Their reflective moment is interrupted by a noise from the zoo animal van. Jackson sees that a baby warthog is headed toward a serval cage. He fears the serval will eat the warthog, but instead they sit together, and the serval hisses protectively at Jackson. Every animal began to protect the warthog. It doesn't make sense.

Jackson and Chloe ask Mitch about it. They've all found a common enemy: man. Mitch has a theory involving emotional contagion. Animals in proximity to one another can pass on abilities, which would explain why the animals are all changing so rapidly, geographically speaking. They are forming bonds.

The spark. Jackson remembers this from Robert's videos. The spark will pass from animal to animal, like wildfire. And once that happens, it would be impossible to put out the flame. 

Brannigan arrives at the hospital, and it turns out Cody is alive. Brannigan wants to talk to him, and find out what he knows about the Zoo Crew and their electroporator. 

Mitch is upset that it's gone this far, that Jackson brought Ray into the fold. Jackson says that he did what he had to do. As they finish packing up their supplies, Mitch tells Jackson he wants to leave Ray there. Mitch got the bullet out. He owes Ray nothing. They'll call an ambulance when they get to the airport, and alert the zoo of where they can find their animals. 

As the Crew is leaving, Ray appears, looking much better, brandishing his gun. The plan still stands. They will go to Africa, with the animals. Chloe tries to tell Ray that something is wrong with the animals, but his solution remains the same: they need to be set free. They head for the plane. Jackson and Chloe ride in the back with the animals, while Mitch drives Ray and Jamie up front. 

Ray thanks Mitch for saving his life. Chloe reassures Jackson that none of this is his fault. They've made it this far because Jackson has done what he thought was best. Chloe knows they're going to make it. They have to. Chloe tells Jackson that she trusts him. She was all wrong about everyone, but not Jackson. Jackson shares the sentiment. Despite everything, he's happy to have met Chloe. They kiss.

The animals go wild in the back of the truck. Mitch begins to swerve, and causes several accidents, as the animals all break free in the back of the truck. When they finally come to a stop, they animals escape. The Zoo Crew makes a mad dash for the plane. Anissa and Abraham are waiting for them. They jump in, just as Brannigan moves in on the plane. Anissa pulls out a gun to shoot Brannigan, but Chloe knocks her down and they both fall out of the plane, right as it takes off. 

Brannigan lets the local cops take Anissa... Chloe is all his. 




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Zoo Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jackson: Let's go to Clearwater.
Mitch: Why? I mean, never in the course of human events has Clearwater, Florida ever been the solution to anything.

He's not crazy, he's just...not un-crazy.