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Jackson is losing a lot of blood. Mitch tells Abraham to keep him awake. Abraham decides that Jackson needs to name the cub. They see that everyone is leaving the village. 

Chloe and Delavane head back to Washington DC. Chloe is worried about the team. She wonders if they are still alive. Delavane is bringing her to the government to ask for their help with the animal pandemic. Chloe, he believes, is the one person who can make them believe. 

The Crew arrives at the hospital, which has been overrun with animals. They find a doctor who agrees to operate on Jackson. He tells the team that the animals began arriving two days ago. The doctor takes Jackson in to operate. 

Mitch, Jamie, Abraham, and the cub head to a hematology lab that will have everything they need to create the cure. On the way there, they are frightened by how many dead workers they find. They can hear the leopards growling in the hallways of the hospital. Once safely in the lab, Mitch informs them that he needs an animal that is domesticated to test the cure on. Abraham understands, and tells Jamie and Mitch not to open the door until he returns. 

Chloe speaks in front of the government. She tries to tell them what is happening to the animals, but they refuse to believe her, or even listen, and they get up and leave while she is speaking. The government will not help the Zoo Crew. 

Mitch and Jamie get to work, while Abraham speaks to the doctor, who has successfully helped Jackson. Abraham needs to start him on antibiotics in a few hours. A leopard waits outside the door of Jackson's room. 

Jackson has a vision of Chloe coming to see him in the hospital. He tells her that as he was headed into surgery, he was thinking of her. He wakes from the vision upon hearing the screams of his roommates... a leopard has entered their recovery room. 

Abraham is driving around the town looking for a domesticated animal, one that they can test the cure on. Abraham prays to God to find one. He comes across a dog, one whose owner is about to kill it. Abraham convinces the man to let him take the dog. He promises that is he cannot help the dog, he will kill it himself.

Jackson unhooks himself in recovery, and tries to protect the two children sharing his room. He locks them into an x-ray room, but they forgot one more person. he

Mitch and Jamie are making the cure. He thanks her for dragging him into this insanity. She gave him the courage to save his daughter, and in the process, she saved him. Just as they finish, a leopard enters their room. They pull the fire alarm, and run, leaving behind the Mother Cell. They've made 2 doses of the cure. Abraham has the dog. 

The dog is unhappy. Mitch administers the cure to the dog. They wait, not knowing how long it will take. Chloe calls Jamie, who tells her that they are testing the cure, and that Jackson is hurt. Delavane takes Chloe's phone. He warned her not to make any calls. A group of Secret Service agents appear and ask Chloe and Delevane to come with them. 

Jackson very carefully leaves the x-ray room, in search of the one he left behind in the recovery room. He gets him, just in time, and they get back into the x-ray room. 

Mitch thinks that he's failed, because the dog still has not calmed down. Abraham wants Mitch to tell him why he failed. Mitch has to go over his theories one at a time. He finally realizes that the problem is injection. The injection cannot be administered in the flank. It heneeds to be injected orally, in order to get to the brain. 

Mitch gets the cure into the dog's mouth. The dog barks, and continues to be aggressive, but slowly begins to calm down, and sits patiently for them. Administering the cure orally is the key. They go off to find Jackson. 

Chloe and Delavane are brought to a situation room by Amelia Sage, a government official who does believe them. 

Abraham rescues Jackson. Jackson apologizes to Abraham for the way he has been acting. Abraham tells Jackson that he was right, and the cure worked. 

Jamie and Mitch are about to be killed by leopards when an army team intervenes, and saves them. 

It seems that Amelia Sage has been heading up a team that has been on the animal case. She tells Chloe that they are not alone anymore. The Zoo Crew are about to become national heroes.

On a plane back home, Jackson and Abe make an agreement to have burgers and beers when they land. Jamie asks them to keep an eye on the baby leopard. She goes to the back of the plane to find Mitch, who is helping himself to tiny plane bottles of alcohol. She tells Mitch that they did pretty good. Jamie kisses Mitch. 

The plane begins to shake. There's something wrong with the airspace. The plane door opens. 

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

My focus was on terrorism, human terrorism. But I have come to believe that the most serious threat to our survival now comes from the animal kingdom.


What's it like, being human?