Zoo Review: Cubs, Cures and Kisses

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Zoo gave us an action-packed two-hour event, and we have a lot to talk about, so let's dive right in!

On Zoo Season 1 Episode 11 and Zoo Season 1 Episode 12, after catching a leopard cub, the Zoo Crew is finally ready to make that cure they've been talking about for weeks.

I feel like cub-napping a baby leopard is a cop out, but I'll let it slide. It was obvious that they weren't going to be able to catch a mature leopard, not after Ray was eaten by one. 

Abraham: We should have had a better plan. No, actually we should have had any plan at all.
Jackson: You think I've been reckless, I know, you've already said that. But no one is coming up with any better ideas.
Abraham: That's because you didn't let them.

Speaking of Ray, I can't help but to be frustrated by the introduction of characters (and the questions they raise), only for them to die and realize that their existence in this Zoo universe didn't really matter at all. 

Going back to Evan Lee Hartley – we had several episodes devoted to his story. It seemed that he would be the big bad, especially after stealing the Mother Cell. He had an odd bond with the wolves and a wonky eye. He somehow knew Robert Oz and was trying to cure himself. And then he died. 

Agent Shaffer, the next big bad, was dirty dealing with Reiden. Why? How? What was the deal he made with them, and what would he get out of it? We'll never know, because he was swiftly killed off (in self defense) by Jamie. 

Big bad number three, Brannigan, was desperate to get vengeance on the Zoo Crew for killing Shaffer, and refused to believe that Shaffer e could ever have been a bad guy. After following them across the country and arresting Chloe, Brannigan was easily shot and killed. What was his purpose in the grand scheme of Zoo (other than to have an appearance from legendary Xander Berkeley)?

We haven't seen Gaspard in weeks. He assembled the Zoo Crew and then disappeared. Now he returns as a bad guy? What were his motives? What made him turn? Was he working for Reiden? Who knows? He's dead now. 

I feel that the Zoo Crew could have moved from point A to point B without all of these retrospectively unnecessary characters. The time spent building up their stories was time that could have been spent showing more animal attacks, looking deeper into Robert Oz's predictions, and giving viewers a glimpse into how this worldwide animal problem has actually been affecting the rest of the world.

I didn't hate the patients, I just hated their pain. Their tears, their family's tears. You shut down your emotions for long enough, you don't want to spend your day with somebody else's.


Was it just me, or was it a little too easy for Mitch's cure to work? I would think that it would have taken more than a quick squirt in the mouth to cure a genetically mutated animal brain.

I've learned that when Zoo is on, I should just suspend all disbelief and go along the journey with them, because even though I end up scratching my head an awful lot, it's still a fun ride. 

Let's talk about Chloe, and how willing she was to watch her sister get tortured. She's a dedicated agent, that's for sure. Maybe that kiss from Jackson gave her all the confidence she needed to believe, finally, that she is good at her job. 

I'm on your side. Things were never supposed to happen like this. It got out of control. I want, I need, to help fix this.


Delavenne did the double switcheroo of sides, just as we predicted he would. He wants to correct the mistakes that he made and is back on the good side, going against his Reiden bosses. Not terribly surprising, but nice to see regardless. I'd hate for the Zoo Crew to be double crossed again. 

Mitch and Jamie - Zoo

When Chloe went before the government and tried to share what she knew, was anyone else wondering why these other officials weren't concerned? If these animal attacks are as bad as they've been made out to be, why does everything seem to be just fine in Washington, DC? Do animals in presidential areas remain unaffected?

My focus was on terrorism, human terrorism. But I have come to believe that the most serious threat to our survival now comes from the animal kingdom.


One thing that was nice to finally see was James Wolk getting a chance to step up and be amazing. For weeks now, I've felt like Jackson has stood back and let every other character shine. This week, Jackson was an action hero; saving Jamie, getting shot, saving kids after just having been operated on...this valiant hero Jackson is the one I've been waiting to see all season. It was worth the wait.

Another major (and predictable) development for the Zoo Crew was the romance between Mitch and Jamie. I've been on the fence about these two. In the beginning, I was completely ready to invest in a love story between them, but as their friendship blossomed and we learned more about Mitch, I settled into the camp where a romance between them didn't matter.

But damn, that kiss. Get your man, Jamie. 

Mitch: I want to thank you for dragging me into this insanity.
Jamie: You don't have to thank me-
Mitch: I want to thank you for giving me the courage to save my daughter, and for reminding me that it's okay to feel. And...I know you couldn't save your mother. But truth is, you kinda saved me.

I think that an important lesson to be learned from Zoo is never to rely on romance and kisses, because as soon as a couple finally locks lips, something bad happens. Jamie and Shaffer – bad guy revelation; Jackson and Chloe – she misses the plane, Jamie and Mitch – the plane is...going down? 

I liked the swift introduction of Amelia Sage (what a cool name!); however, her arrival wrapped up the story in the hospital very quickly. Was there already a team of soldiers in Africa, waiting for her call? What if the Zoo Crew had been in Paris? Or Rome? How would the soldiers get there fast enough?

Now, the question remains: how will Mitch get his ultra-fast cure into the mouths of animals worldwide? He only had one dose, and they left the Mother Cell behind to melt, so how will they make more? We'll find out on the season finale of Zoo!

Stray Thoughts:

  • I can't even get my cell phone to have great reception in parts of New York City, but a random village in Africa has an HD quality picture on a crappy old antenna TV?
  • I wouldn't have been able to pee in front of Mitch either. Or anyone. However, if there was a leopard in front of me, or near me in the wild, I'd have no problem peeing in my pants.
  • Of course Mitch would have sung, "Oh My Darling Clementine," to his daughter. I guess there aren't many songs dedicated to girls named Clementine.
  • Chloe looked so glamorous after being attacked and beaten. 
  • Mitch finally lamenting his many theories...maybe his next one will involve bunnies. Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!! (Are you singing with me?)  
  • Abraham returning that dog. Did the room just get a little dusty?
  • I'm officially afraid of leopards. 
  • Mitch thanking Jamie for getting him caught up in the insanity was really sweet. Mitch is not a romantic or sentimental guy, yet the speech felt natural for him to deliver. Watching Mitch grow as a character this season has been my favorite part of Zoo. 
  • Jackson's vision of Chloe after his surgery. Damn, he misses her.
  • Mitch and Jamie sittin' in a plane...wait, it's for real this time, and not a joke!

What's happening to the plane? How will they cure all of the animals? Will Chloe be reunited with the team? Will you miss Ray? Or Gaspard? Or Brannigan? Sound off in the comments below!

Next week is the big season finale! Can you believe it? Missed any moments? Want to watch them all again to prep for the finale? We've got you covered here at TV Fanatic where you can watch Zoo online

We'll be here next week, ready to break down Zoo Season 1 Episode 13, and talk all things Zoo!

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

My focus was on terrorism, human terrorism. But I have come to believe that the most serious threat to our survival now comes from the animal kingdom.


What's it like, being human?