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We pick up where we left off last week. Mitch is trading the Mother Cell for the drugs that will save Clementine when he sees Delevane, also in the Reiden Global building through the window. The two share a glance, Mitch packs up the Cell (and Clem's meds) breaks a window, and runs. After taking out theelevator  camera, and cleverly pushing all of the floor buttons, he escapes the building, leaving Burke and Delavane both quite angry.

Brannigan is trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Agent Shaffer. One of Branningan's men has phone records that show that Ben was in contact with Chloe. Brannigan remembers the name... he checks the flight manifests from Ben's files. They show that Chloe and Jamie were on the same flight.

Mitch recounts the tale at Reiden Global to the Zoo Crew. They're angry, to say the least, and untrusting of Mitch, however, they too wonder what Delevane was doing at Reiden. Jackson demands answers from Mitch... is he lying about everything? Mitch assures the team that he is positive that he can create a cure, but he needs an animal who has mutated, but not come in contact with Reiden. Chloe gets a call from a French colleague telling her that there are warrants out for hers and Jamie's arrests. Mitch says what the entire crew is thinking: this feels like game over.

Henry's vet is pleased that he's on the mend since his accident. Henry notices that the birds are making an unsettling chirping noise, all lined up in a row on the power lines.

Chloe explains the rules to the Crew now that they are on the run together. No one can contact family or friends. Jackson wants to expose Reiden, and the animal epidemic to the world, but realizes that they can't walk into a news studio. He asks Jamie if she has any old contacts she can call.

Delavane is angry that Burke never told him about the Mother Cell. Delavane is the head of global security for Reiden, and it wasn't necessary to his job to know about the cell. They decide that they can argue endlessly about this, but the fact remains that the Mother Cell will destroy Reiden, and Delavane needs to get it back from his team. Delavane arrives at home to find that Chloe and Jackson are there.

They are angry that he has lied to them about his identity, that he works for the very company they have been trying to take down. They want to make him a deal...he helps them to create a cure, and come clean to the world about Reiden's role. No deal from Delavane. He wants the Mother Cell, in exchange for their escapes. He wants to turn the tables on them, and link the team as the ones who created the animal epidemic. Jackson refuses. This is not a negotiation.

Jamie contacts an old journalist friend, Wilson, to break the story about Reiden. She tells Wilson that this story will change his career. And that she needs to remain anonymous.

Mitch calls Audra to let her know about the medicine he has for Clem. Abraham agrees to go with Mitch to their house, but only for Clementine. Abraham does not trust Mitch. They notice the strange bird behavior.

Jamie is unnerved when Jackson and Chloe tell her that they've been stonewalled by Delavane, scared that he will make her dissapear. Jackson brings it back to the point: they need to find a cure for the animals. That's the most important thing that the team can do. He has an idea, and asks Jamie for Leo Butler's ledger, which has every location in the world where Reiden products are used. They get a map off the wall in the bar (because there's one hanging up?) and start marking off places. This will help them locate an area with an animal that hasn't been affected.

Brannigan, now in Boston tracking the Zoo Crew, gets footage of Jamie getting off the phone with Wilson sent to his cell phone. He goes to the garbage can that Jamie threw the disposable cell phone into, finds the pieces, and calls his colleague. Now that he has the number, he can find out exactly who she called. 

Chloe confides in Jackson that she's worried that she can't trust her instincts anymore. She's supposed to know how to read people, and she didn't even realize that her sister and fiance were having an affair. Jackson tells her that if she ever feels like she can't read someone to just ask for help.

Abraham and Mitch arrive at the house. They again hear the strange bird buzzing, and watch as a pack of dogs run by just as Mitch gets a call from Audra who is with Clem at the park, and a horrific scene, one where birds attack and kill a mother trying to shield her baby, unfolds. She tells him to come right away. He and Abraham race over.

As the Zoo Crew recounts the story of Reiden and the animals to Wilson, Brannigan crashes the party. He zeroes in on Jamie, telling her that he loved Shaffer like a son. It seems that Brannigan wasn't completely aware of Ben's dirty dealings. Chloe fills in the gaps. Brannigan attacks Chloe in disbelief, but she strikes first knocking him down, and they run. 

Mitch and Abraham are on the way to the park when Mitch comes up with a plan... they team up with the fire department to push the birds away with the fire hose. Clem rescues the baby from the stroller, and they are all safe... for now. 

The Zoo Crew reconvenes at Audra's home. Wilson calls Jamie to let her know he can't run the story, as Reiden found out. Abraham suggests turning themselves in... at least they'd be able to tell their story. They can't give up, but have no one to go to.  

Audra asks Mitch where he got the drugs. It doesn't matter. Clem is going to be okay. Audra apologizes for being so hard on Mitch. She is taking Clem to Maine, to get her away from the birds. As Clem is packing her stuffed animals, Mitch notices a stuffed panther. It gives him a thought. Robert's office had a list of traits for cats. Specifically leopards... what if Robert was also searching for a cure, and looking for leopards? After cross-checking the ledger, and using good ol' internet searches, they have an answer...

Looks like we're headed back to Africa, where it all began.

An army vehicle pulls up to the house, armed and ready. When they arrive, no one is home. 

Burke pours himself a scotch and tells Delavane to make the call... the Zoo Crew must be exterminated.

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't speak spy, but it pretty much feels like game over.


Delavane: You're making a mistake.
Jackson: No we're not. You're the one making a mistake. See, we've got nothing to lose. You, on the other hand...when this is all gone, don't say we didn't give you a chance.