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Whoops. The cicadas are out to kill ya, too. I feel for these people, I really do.

Apparently, a traveling carny in 1800s England inadvertently created the triple helix because of an x-ray machine he used on animals and any people who were stupid enough to give him a dime.

The triple helix is hereditary. 

That brings into question...were the statistics Chloe discovered on what's her name's computer true? 

Nonetheless, Mitch thinks they can save everyone.

While Jamie and Mitch are drinking vodka, excellent choice, Jackson begins experiencing symptoms with his hearing. Jamie doesn't appear to have the same feelings for Mitch that he exhibited for her while she was missing.

Allison and Mitch discuss whether or not Jamie will be benched. Not if Mitch has anything to do with it. And he is team lead now.

But there isn't a lot of time to worry about it, or to find out where she hides the good stuff. Jackson has taken a vehicle. He's dug an amazing hole in no time flat. They need to bury Chloe! But her body is on its way back to France.

Anyway, all good children are growing teeth. AGCAGT

Allison has to go to London. When she gets back, they'll revisit Jackson and Jamie remaining on the team.

Jackson injects himself with a tracker, but Mitch wants to know what else he might remember other than the first six nucleotides of the ghost gene.

When the half assed team gets to Pierce's place, it's the one from the beginning. The woman goes running by with her baby followed by a child. They're on their way toa church or something that is filled with people watching a film. The cicadas are outside.

Mitch gives Jackson a sedating hypnotic. It works ridiculously fast. He's trying to remember his father's lab. He liked a ferret he named Felix, but when he went in to find him one day, he was gone. His dad was operating on his brain.

At the church, the others learned they had been under attack by the bugs and myriad animals for two weeks. Sleeping together with old movies was the only way they could do it at all. An old lady hears a "dog" scratching at the door. Dammit. She's the only one who does anything around here. Whoops.

Reiden Global was in town the week prior at Pierce's house. They took everything, even the kitchen sink.

Graves (is that his name? the General) wants to find out what's up with Dariela so there isn't a duplicate of Lisbon. Who the hell is his asset? Dariela?

Father Pete is of some assistance. He might be able to find bones Pierce left behind that they didn't know about.

Jamie hates everybody and everything.

Pierce hid the bones in his pretend brother's grave!

After Jackson's father's lab burned down, all he brought home was rage. 

Dariela wants to help the people of the town get to safety. She doesn't want to get back on the plane with the team.

Before they leave town, Father Pete says Professor Oz was in town. What?! The photo he shows them isn't all that helpful, but we have seen him. I sincerely doubt he was in a driver's seat, though.

Father Pete's relationship with Jamie was weird. Too comfortable.

Before Jackson and his mom left for Africa, dear old dad whispered in his ear...I know it was you, I know you burned down my lab...and then was kind enough to infect him with the ghost gene. What an asshole.

OK. I was wrong. It's NOT a good time for dad to pop back up. It's the last thing Jack needs. Oy.

Oh. Logan isn't good people. HE's General Dude's asset. Davies! That's his name. Geez.


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Zoo Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

All good children are growing teeth!


Jamie: There's a thin line between grieve and stupid.
Father Pete: Yes, and that thin line is called hope.