Jamie Learns a Secret - Zoo
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Mitch finally reveals his real feels for Logan. 

Logan, meanwhile, reveals a bit of his true intent to Jamie, who misses the signs.

Jackson admits to Abe he's falling apart just before Allison checks in to let him know his mother is missing in Africa.

Abe and Jamie discuss whether or not to let him know the truth about his father.

Army dudes infiltrate the plane. It's obviously not flying. Jackson knows they're here for him. The plane is taxying down the runway.

Davies uses Kovacs as the reason why they need to stop the mutation before it spreads. He knows Jackson has it, but has no idea why. It might surprise him, then, to know he's working with the enemy.

Jamie is trying to communicate with someone on the plane when Logan says they need to jump and head back to South Beach so he can by her a drink. 

Logan leads her right into the arms of General Davies.

Mitch head butts Logan, which is enough of a distraction for him to open the cage of the sloth. He hopes it will tear the plane apart, although it's unclear why the cage needed to be open for that to happen.

The sloth knocks over a cup of coffee. Nooooo! The entire plane is going down. Not the coffee!!!

The sloth does it's thing, Davies is retained, the sloth is tranqed. Before Jamie will settle down, she's off to find Logan.

Jamie is a cold blooded killer. Logan was right. She did change the moment she grabbed Deb's hand outside the bus in Caraquet. She tranqs Logan to make sure he can't open his chute and pushes him out of the plane.

Jamie and Abe inject Davies with something to get him to talk, discovering Robert Oz wanted the Noah Objective so he could repopulate the animals using clean DNA. They don't get a reason why because, whoops, they killed Davies.

The iguana is dead, too.

Jamie runs in to find the defibrillator. It's ruined. She reappears with two flasks and some ants babbling about electrical charges. 

She proceeds to place the inverted flasks onto Davies' chest in an attempt to defibrillate him.

Davies threatens Abe by way of suggesting Abe didn't meet Jackson by accident. Abe confirmed it when he answered in the positive.

Mitch and Jamie try unsuccessfully to talk.

Abe, Jackson and Allison make it to Africa to find out Elizabeth is the one who slaughtered her entire village. Oh, things don't look good for Jackson, and it's about time Abe and Jackson stop keeping secrets.

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Mitch: Oh, hello.
Mystery Man: Down on your knees, now.
Mitch: Has that line ever worked for you?

Allison: I need to speak with Davies:
Mitch: OK. Let me see if I can wake him up.
Allison: What?
Jackson: What's Plan B, cause it's not working?!
Allison: What's not working?
Mitch: It's hard to explain and harder to imagine.