Zoo Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Jamie's Got a Gun

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Does anybody know why the title of this episode was "Jamie's Got a Gun"?

I sure as heck have no idea, but Zoo Season 2 Episode 7 did manage to point out there has been a mole working for General Davies on the Zoo Crew just about the same time it was knocked back a team member.

Jamie could have used a gun to shoot Logan, but she still thinks he's good people at the moment.

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Hahahaha. If Jamie thought she was down in the dumps and had no hope before that bit of bad news, well, I hate to get a look at her in upcoming episodes.

To be honest, she's a bit of a buzzkill.

Mitch was so excited for Jamie to get back and is doing so much to ensure she's still on the team, and all she does is mope and hang around General Davies' mole.

That's totally not cool. I like her less and less as time goes on and wouldn't have minded at all if she had taken Logan and been the one to depart the team (again) to get her head together by saving the townsfolk.

The majority of you really didn't like Dariela, but at least she infused even the worst moments with a bit of humor, as if she knew they were about as down as they were going to get, so there was no point in making things even worse. Mitch does the same, and he's a winner.

He's also being given the cold shoulder by Jamie. Which brings us full circle on that train of thought.

For a brief period, I almost threw Dariela under the bus with General Davies. After all, she's in the service and could have easily been playing the crew this entire time. But by using her name in his conversation about Lisbon, Davies kind of gave it away that Dariela wasn't the mole.

Plus, it is better for Jamie to be acting sanctimonious about her find, Mr. Good People, and to be knocked down a peg or two when she discovers he's rotten to the core.

How long will it take? Let's toss him out the door of the plane. 

While we're wringing our hands over Logan, there is a lot of news about how this whole catastrophe started and the Oz family's role in it.

Some poor bastard named Pierce inadvertently created the triple helix with his amazing x-ray machine back in the 1800s. That stinks. 

What I don't understand (and nobody is going to be able to set me down the right path) is how sooooo many animals managed to become hereditary beneficiaries of this thing. How many x-rays was Pierce taking?

It couldn't have been any quicker than a regular camera at the time, right? So even setting it up to take an x-ray would be a little bit challenging (one would think).

Overall, while it's a fun theory and a goofy scenario to ensure we're about as far into left field as possible (or light years from real life), it might be a little too implausible. Genetically speaking. 

Especially if we're still to believe the statistical benchmarks for the Noah Objective are true. It's too much inbreeding for me.

Then again, we had some really cool CGI panthers kickin' around, scratching on church doors filled with townspeople trying to get a little shut eye because of noise making bugs driving them nuts, women dashing through streets with swaddled newborns and neurosurgery on a ferret named Felix, so inbreeding seems like the least of my concerns.

Professor Oz, you diabolical genius! You injected your son with a triple helix because he burned down your precious laboratory. Why? To preserve your work, to create a little mutant who would better fit in with the other genetically mutated species. How sweet.

Frakkin' nutso, but sweet in an odd way. No wonder the kids are growing teeth. With a dad like that, you gotta grow some teeth. It's like backbone.

Among Jackson's other talents, he can now dig graves in mere minutes. Grave diggers unions around the world should be lining up to receive a shot of this triple helix. No more backhoes needed! That was some crazy physical prowess happening. 

I'm looking forward to what's coming at us. What loony tunes idea will fall from the sky next? Can Jamie please snap out of her funk? So she lost a big toe. Get over it! She has a Mitch. None of us has a Mitch. She should be counting her blessings. Geez.

Dig in, folks! What did you think of the Zoo Crew and their many adventures? How soon before Dariela is back with the team? Before Jamie snaps out of it? Before Jackson realizes his dad isn't just a ghost in a foggy mirror? Hit the comments!

You can also watch Zoo online to see all the fun one more time.

Jamie's Got a Gun Review

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

All good children are growing teeth!


Jamie: There's a thin line between grieve and stupid.
Father Pete: Yes, and that thin line is called hope.