A Difficult Decision - Zoo
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Mitch asks Jamie if they can start over. Really? Wow.

Jackson's "mom" comes running by Jackson and Abe. She's chasing down a pack of lions. She attacks Abe. Instead of shooting her outright, Jackson tries to reason with her. You don't reason with monsters. 

Poor Jack learns that the hard way when she gets ready to slice her fingers (the available hand) into Abe. Jackson aims and fires.

Wild horses come after Dariela while she's leading the good people of small town America toward safety. I can't stand to see horses in trouble. The horses were targeting her, the preacher says. Why?

Jackson returns to the plane with what remains of his mother. It's going to be a little bit difficult to find a three point scar...nope, it's not. There it is!

Abe is not doing well. He feels like he let everyone in Jackson's family down and is responsible for all of Jackson's woes.

Mitch and Allison are off the plane and visiting his dad in Helsinki, Finland. Mitch wants to vomit. 

Dad is a cryptozoologist. He searches for Bigfoot and such.

I'm not sure why we're still following Dariela, but she's racing horses with a motorcycle.

The Noah Objective will launch in four days.

Dad's on the plane. He's a horndog who is into Jamie.

So that's why she's around. Dariela calls the plane about the horses. She's probably not special. The gene is mutating again. That means...the Noah Objective will be pointless.

Two point two million people will probably be wrong. How about billions of people?

Animal attacks are on the increase.

Something rather unexpected in her blood results. What else can it be but a pregnancy with Abe???

Oh my goodness. Jurassic Park is alive and well on Zoo!!

Mitch goes cray about Max on the plane because of how he stole Allison from him.

Abe admits to Jackson that he was the one who injected Elizabeth. Oh no. He says it all.

Jamie waited a little too long to open up.

Dariela is back and shooting straight.


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Zoo Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

People die. I just don't want to be responsible for it anymore.


Sometimes it comes and goes, but I hear things faraway up close.