An Impending Threat - Zoo
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Someone shot a sloth! Sloth down!! Holy hell, don't tell Kristen Bell!!

Jamie and Logan are in the darkest part of the forest, arguing. Holy moly. They're going to burn the money to start a fire. Don't tell...Ocean's 11!

Mitch has Jackson shirtless on a table, collecting his blood. For some reason, he wants Jackson to put his shirt back on.

Whoops. Jackson's DNA has a brand new strand. That's not good. The switches on Jackson's new strand are off for now. 

The sloth was able create an earthquake in Costa Rica. Mitch needs that sloth.

The sloth doesn't like the general much and earthquakes his ass as soon as he shows up. The building is perfectly imploded. Good sloth!

When our team gets there, we see something very strange digging through the dirt around the rubble. Save the sloth!!!

The sloth had help. Moles! Mitch has, of course, a mole fetish. 

The bad guys catch up to the wildlings. They discover they burned the money, but they don't believe them.

Wolves and bears attack...the bad guys...leaving Jamie to run off and survive.

Mitch hands a dead mole to Dariela. Why? No idea. I can't figure out why he can't carry it. Chloe wants them to keep going. He moves and runs into a crocodile.

Dig faster!! They hit a brick wall...but it crumbles.

They decide they have to infiltrate a party to get access to the scientist. They need a heart print or a hard print. I have no idea which.

All four of them attend, but Jackson and Chloe stop for some kisses on their way in.

The package is delivered. 

General Davies is delivering his jackass statement, how his incredible TX-14 gas will save the world, but all humans will be just hunky dorey. He'll bless them all with a demonstration tomorrow. That should go just great.

The scientist drops to the floor in the middle of the floor.

Dariela tries to sweet talk the general, but it goes wrong, so she pulls a gun.

The general begins a rant, so Jackson punches him in the face.

Things go terribly wrong as the episode ends. Jamie is free and driving, but Chloe is stuck in the hallway with the cannister of TX-14 as Dariela is on the other side, watching Chloe fall and pass out.


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Zoo Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Moles and sloths. It sounds like my dating life after I got divorced.


Dariela: We're gonna crash the party of the guy who just sent men to kill us.
Chloe: Yes.