Zoo Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Zero Sum

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Jackson and Abe need to stop keeping secrets.

It's becoming clear on Zoo Season 2 Episode 8 that all of our favorite characters are becoming victims of that nagging plot line that often runs through so many soap operas. Nobody wants to communicate with any meaning.

If we just keep secrets, everything will be OK! As the biggest communication procrastinator on the planet, I'm here to assure all of the Zoo Crew nothing good will come of it.

Jamie Learns a Secret - Zoo

Remember when Jamie left that awful woman Drew outside the bus at the worst refuge ever so she could be killed by a polar bear or two?

Jamie is going mad psycho killer in general. Logan wasn't the best guy to have around. He sort of fed the Zoo Crew to the wolves, so to speak. But he also came in handy and worked with Jamie when they were trying to stay alive.

In this dog eat people world they live in now, there are worse people out there to have running around than someone like Logan. After all, Jamie and Abe rescussitated General Davies after killing him.

But Jamie flat out murdered Logan when she shot him with a tranq dart and pushed him out of the plane. That's harsh. On the plus side, he probably didn't feel anything when he hit the ground. Still, harsh.

And Jamie is being a little too hard on Mitch. He's putting himself out there, talking more to her about feelings than he's probably talked to anybody in years. Yet she's still holding everything against him. 

She bonded more with Logan because they were out there in the thick of it than she will with Mitch, who clearly has a thing for her (although they won't come to an understanding about said thing) because he had the nerve to be on a plane, living in the lap of luxury. 

She doesn't know they were all in a cave filled with deadly tarantulas and that Mitch was bitten or that he was leading the crawl to safety and came face to face with an alligator or crocodile. Not because he wouldn't share these horrific things, but because she's closed off.

Jamie is very, very annoying. We lost Chloe to keep Jamie, and this is what we get. Not the best of trades. 

Why did Jamie know what to do with the ants, by the way? Apparently someone has been kind enough to fill her in on that, because she wasn't there. Yet because there was a symbiotic flow of information, she somehow knew how they were conduits of electricity and could be used to save Davies.

Allison: I need to speak with Davies:
Mitch: OK. Let me see if I can wake him up.
Allison: What?
Jackson: What's Plan B, cause it's not working?!
Allison: What's not working?
Mitch: It's hard to explain and harder to imagine.

I miss Dariela and her kickass nature. She's coming back on Zoo Season 2 Episode 9. Yay.

It was kind of surprising Davies had no idea Robert Oz infected his son. Or, apparently, his wife. More on that in a moment. Put Davies, Jackson and Abe in a room and they can pretty much solve the entirety of the mystery behind what's happening in the world, but apart? They haven't a clue.

Davies did a good job of getting Abe to admit he'd been Robert's pawn long before he was a friend to Jackson. The question remains whether Abe knew Robert infected Jackson. 

Jackson wanted to keep that secret from Abe as much as Abe wanted to keep hidden from Jackson that Robert was alive. Those were two very poor decisions, as if they had discussed all of this sooner, they may have uncovered something that they would have shared with Elizabeth.

At this point, I'd say the odds on Elizabeth being a natural descendent of the carny are pretty slim, because there would have been no reason for Robert to inject Jackson. Surely Robert did his homework on her family tree. Which means he infected her and Jackson, but Elizabeth turned sooner.

Since Jackson has half of Elizabeth's genes, we're going to get a pretty good idea of what to expect of Jackson if he goes nuts, and first and foremost is he's going to be a cannibal.

Shouldn't Elizabeth have wanted to eat animals (all the human infected, really) since she's a human? That would have been a nice twist to extend the story. Hello out there!! I have a story extension idea!!

It was a little bit too obvious seeing all the carnage in the village and no Elizabeth that she was the one responsible for slaughtering everyone. Truly, both of Jackson's parents would be better off dead at this point. Elizabeth for obvious reasons, and Robert, because he'll wish it when Jackson gets his (infected) hands on him.

The preview said someone else would die. Do you think they were talking about Elizabeth or one of our characters? I'm not ready for that yet!

Other Zoo bits:

  • Did you notice the plane, when parked, was completely CGI? When computer games are so realistic, it makes sense to roll with creating animals and big ol' props from scratch.
  • When Mitch uncaged the sloth after a head butt, the first thing the sloth did was spill the coffee. Noooo! Not the coffee!!
  • The sloth isn't CGI, right?
  • I'm still confused exactly where Allison stands with the Army, the Noah Objective, etc. You have any ideas?

What did you think of "Zero Sum"? Do you think Jackson's family would be better off dead? I guess we'll find out more soon. Hit the comments guys.

In the meantime, you can watch Zoo online for your crazy fix!

Zero Sum Review

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Mitch: Oh, hello.
Mystery Man: Down on your knees, now.
Mitch: Has that line ever worked for you?

Allison: I need to speak with Davies:
Mitch: OK. Let me see if I can wake him up.
Allison: What?
Jackson: What's Plan B, cause it's not working?!
Allison: What's not working?
Mitch: It's hard to explain and harder to imagine.