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Clementine is looking at her tummy in the mirror. She's in love. Then she realizes she's alone.

The IADG is in chaos in Colorado. They pretty much rely completely on Dariela's former team.

Clem first finds Jackson. Abe managed to climb half way up the stairs.

The only person Clementine finds is Sam. She has no idea why he's there nor why he's locked up.

Jamie doesn't really understand why nobody trust her.

Abe is gravely injured and they need to use Steve the scorpion to paralyze him so Mitch can sew a credit card onto his back.

Clem and Sam are using bug spray and a blow torch for some reason.

Mitch doesn't think much of Jamie and tells her so.

They lost Tokoyo. When they cut the wire to the beacon, the entire city was lost.

Jackson wants Tess to find Abigail and do something with her.

It's time for the baby to come. Max is worried because the contractions are too fast. Mitch has no idea what to do because he's never delivered a human baby before.

Whatever Sam and Clem discuss gives an idea to Max and Mitch about oiling things up and Max goes off to fix the beacon issue.

Tess suddenly appears in Colorado at the IADG, where she once worked.

Blood clots and stuff, problem pregnancy.

Max expects to die. He leaves the horn with Jamie and asks her to take care of Mitch.

Max is dying as he hears the baby crying. Whatever he did engaged the auxiliary power.

Abe turns on the monitor and sees the clot has passed. Everyone is healthy and safe.

Clementine wants to test her son for the CLM protein. As his blood is being tested, Clem asks after grandpa.

He's alive, and if the tank water doesn't fix him when it brought everyone else back to life, WTF?

Max is holding his great-grandson in his arms as he dies, a smile on his face.

Mitch goes downstairs to give Jamie an update on things, doesn't give her the truth about Max, but apologizes.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I don't trust you, Jamie. I didn't trust you when I got on the plane in Mexico, and nothing I have seen has changed my mind. And this? Leaving Mitch as Duncan to kill Abigail?


I used tank concentrate to speed up your healing.